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Mobile phones are an important communication tool in today's society. With the development of mobile phones, it enriches our lives, allows us to understand the outside world more quickly, and is an indispensable device in our life and work.

Since almost all communication takes place over the air, it is possible for people to track us through cell phone signals and monitor all calls. In fact, this is also true. But usually this technology is in the hands of governments and cellular operators, and the law regulates and restricts privacy, so generally don't worry. But in conspiracy theories, we should be careful about our privacy.

The best way is to use a professional cell phone jammer to block the cell phone from sending and receiving signals. A cell phone without a signal is like a brain without a brain. No one will be able to track or steal our privacy or harass you from your phone.

Are you curious about portable cell phone jammer and want to know what Mobile phone jamming devices are and related knowledge about jammers, this page collects useful articles, knowledge and events about cellphone jammers from jammermfg, you can harvest what you want from here knowledge of jammers. Of course, if you don't find it, you can also leave us a message by contacting us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible after receiving it.

cell signal blocker installed to strengthen security deployment
31 Dec. 2022

Pakistani pilgrims can come to Uz, the Delhi government will install cell signal blocker to strengthen security deployment

A group of pilgrims may come to Pakistan for the 811th Urs of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. After getting a green signal from the central government, door frame metal detectors will be deployed, cell signal blocker will be installed and armed people will be additionally detained.

Paris Hilton's phone was hacked and Cellular Jammers
30 Dec. 2022

Why Cellular Jammers Are So Popular With Politicians and Celebrities?

After the leak of Paris Hilton's private information, celebrities began to look for ways to prevent hacking. The Cellular Jammer is the simplest and most effective method, which can play a huge role in preventing monitoring and illegal intrusion.

cell phone scramblers block calls in prisons
30 Dec. 2022

Why are cell phone scramblers used in prisons to block phone calls?

Prison administrators have so far been unable to keep cellphones completely away from prisons, as inmates always seem to be one step ahead. That's why professionals recommend another solution. If you can make the phone worthless in there - that's the perfect key, and a cell phone scrambler is the best solution.

cellphone signal blocker block your smartphone tracked
29 Dec. 2022

How can I stop the government or others from monitoring and tracking my smartphone?

Cases of government stalking like this keep happening, so if you don't want your phone tracked by the government, we have a variety of cellphone signal blockers here that will stop the government and other unauthorized people from snooping on you, so don't Forget about protecting your privacy.

Portable smartphone jammer
27 Dec. 2022

The Smartphone jammer that block phone noise, a tool to maintain good manners

If you are often interrupted by the sound of mobile phones or quiet, then you may need a smartphone jammer to block these annoying harassing calls and enjoy your personal time. Someone started talking loudly on a mobile phone. That's disgusting. At such times, we will start operating the smartphone blocker. It's your way of maintaining good manners in your mobile life.

cell phone jammer being installed in libraries
26 Dec. 2022

Do you support installing cell phone jammer in libraries to avoid being disturbed?

Recently received a complaint at a library. Some people answer the phone loudly in the library, with no regard for other people's feelings. Repeated persuasion still did not work. Some have suggested installing Cell phone signal jammers in libraries to stop rude people from answering calls in libraries.

desktop 4G phone jammer
26 Dec. 2022

The 4G phone jammer basic informations you must know

As the usage of mobile phones increases, and the mobile phones are often used for work, games, etc., the possibility of information being stolen is also increasing. Mobile phone jammers can protect information security. Do you know anything about interference devices? Once you understand this device, you can buy the best security equipment, the best 4G phone jammer at the most affordable price.

cell phone signal blocker in the tihar jail
23 Dec. 2022

Tihar Prison administration upset over cell phone signal blocker upgrade not keeping pace with mobile phones

5G internet is already operational in many cities in India. Delhi is also one of these cities. You might not have access to 5G yet, but inmates at Tihar Prison are running 5G internet. Prison administrations are uneasy about why inmates can still smuggle mobile phones and use them to surf the Internet when jammers are installed in prisons to stop mobile networks.

cellular signal jammer provides VIP protection
22 Dec. 2022

The Cellular signal jammer provides VIP protection for different users

Designers use special advanced technical means to develop a cellular signal jammer that shields telephone signals, which can achieve the purpose of forcibly disabling mobile phones within a specified range. In addition, this high-tech product is also a convenient item that does not interfere with other electronic devices.

Cellphone signal jammer avoid driver distraction
12 Dec. 2022

The Cellphone signal jammer is the easiest way to realize scientific management and avoid traffic accidents

People's self-control ability is often very poor. It is undoubtedly very difficult for all drivers to concentrate on driving and prohibit the use of mobile phones. Cellphone signal jammer is the easiest way to avoid traffic accidents caused by distracted mobile phones.

mobile phone signal jammers for examination room
9 Dec. 2022

Use mobile phone signal jammers to maintain order in the examination room and combat new forms of cheating

In order to pass the exams, various cheating methods emerge in endlessly, and there are also many kinds of cheating methods. Less new forms of high-tech cheating tools, such as WeChat phones, mini in-ear Bluetooth headsets, and more. Many candidates could not stand the temptation and were repeatedly deceived. Today, more and more schools are using mobile phone signal jammers in exam rooms to combat new forms of cheating.

iPhone under the test of cell phine jammer
7 Dec. 2022

Why is my ordered cell phone blocker not working?

In order to make it easy for customers to use cell phine blocker, this article will summarize some reasons why the jammers you ordered may not work properly!

High power Cell phone signal interrupter
7 Dec. 2022

Misunderstood signal interrupters have many positive roles in life

When someone hears about cell phone jammers, you may initially have an overall negative impression. After all, why would anyone want to cut off communications for cell phone users? In fact, there are many reasons to consider using a mobile phone signal interrupter, and they apply to a variety of different situations.

Indoor cellphone signal blocker
5 Dec. 2022

There are two aspects of the signal blocker in use, how should I use it?

No signal? Maybe you've been hit by a cellphone signal blocker. A Philadelphia man has sparked controversy by regularly using a device on buses to create blind spots for cellphones.

buy a celphone jammer
1 Dec. 2022

Can I buy a celphone jammer for personal use? is this legal?

If you want to block cell phone signals, you may search the Internet for ways to block cell phone signals, and the easiest and most effective way is a celphone jammer. But you might be wondering: Can you buy a signal jammer for personal use?

cell phone frequency jammer with 27 bands
29 Nov. 2022

What basics do you need to know about cell phone jammers?

If you already know what a signal jammer is, you will find that it is a great tool to protect our privacy, security. What basics do you need to know about cell phone frequency jammers?

mobile phone jammer in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar
25 Nov. 2022

How to choose the best mobile phone jammer and what factors need to be considered

Many people don't know how to buy a mobile phone jammer, don't know how to choose the best cell phone jammer, don't worry, our professional jammermfg team will teach you to choose the best cell phone scrambler for you.

Professional cell phone jammer prevents prisoners from communicating
22 Nov. 2022

The use of professional cell phone jammer in prison is very necessary, although it will affect the signal of mobile phones outside the prison

But prison officials said Monday that professional cell phone jammers are one of the best ways to prevent inmates from using their phones to commit crimes. Prison officials in Oklahoma and South Carolina testified before an Oklahoma Senate committee that they had demonstrated the effectiveness of cellphone jamming technology.

Powerful mobile signal blocker
15 Nov. 2022

The harm and influence of smart phones on students and the basic knowledge of mobile signal blocker that need to be known

It's very useful for people with mobile phone addiction, as banning the use of mobile phones is a very easy task for mobile signal blockers. When you turn on the mobile phone signal jammer, it will interrupt your mobile phone from sending or receiving signals from the base, and the mobile phone will not display any service status, and you will not be able to send and receive text messages.

cellphone signal blocker for sale
14 Nov. 2022

Why use a cellphone signal blocker and why it matters

No matter men, women, or children, there will always be times when you need to stop using mobile phones. At this time, mobile phone jammers are especially important. It can help us avoid a lot of trouble. But always keep in mind that cellphone blockers should be used with care.

cell signal jammer in the workplace
10 Nov. 2022

Is it legal to use cell signal jammer to stop employees from using cell phones in the workplace?

Cell phones are becoming more common and part of everyday life around the world, and using them in the workplace can be distracting and affect productivity. In order to improve the company's efficiency, the executives of the company have considered installing Cell signal jammers in the workplace.

Two men theft with phone blockers
9 Nov. 2022

Two men in Giulia, Campania suppress radio theft with phone blockers

Police learned from an investigation of internal video surveillance cameras that gangsters had drilled holes in the store's ground and used phone signal jammers to suppress radio and phone communications, stealing jewelry and other valuables, including Rolex watches worn by customers.

cell phone jammer with 12 Bands
8 Nov. 2022

What are the usage scenarios of cell phone jammer?

what are the usage scenarios of cell signal jammers? The scope of application of cell phone jammer is still very wide, including some secret-related institutions, party and government agencies, universities, high-tech industries, etc.

cell phone signal jammer phone harassment and phone fraud
7 Nov. 2022

Blocking network auto-dial calls prevents harassment and spoofing

Many customers are asking us what is a good way to stop these harassing calls - a cell phone signal jammer, which can block all phone harassment and phone fraud, allowing you to enjoy your peaceful time quietly.

Cell blocker in the testing center
5 Nov. 2022

Haryana CET exam today, but many candidates are late due to various checks

The use of cell blocker in all exam centres in Haryana prohibits the use of cell phones during exams to prevent cheating through cell phones, wifi bluetooth devices. And all test centres will be monitored by CCTV cameras.

why need cellphone jammers
1 Nov. 2022

Why do we need cellphone jammers and where to buy them?

It would be best if you know more about cell phone blocking. Here's what you need to know. If you don't know much, you can take a look at our phone blocker page or blog page. In our jammermfg here you can learn more useful knowledge about cellphone jammers and buy cheap cell phone blockers.

cell phone blockers avoiding cheating
24 Oct. 2022

Why can cell phone blockers interfere with your cellualr signal?

When the cell phone communicates with the base station, the phone signal blocker is like a troublemaker, deliberately making noise around you. The noise signal is so loud that the cell phone can't hear the base station at all.

mobile phone jammers VS cell phone jamming apps
24 Oct. 2022

Can mobile phone jamming apps block other wireless signals?

In order for the majority of users not to be deceived by these spam websites, the following explains in detail the unreasonableness of mobile phone jamming App and the most effective mobile phone signal interference method.

cell phone jammer device for meeting rooms
20 Oct. 2022

How to choose a Cell Phone jammer Device for conference rooms

All in all, in terms of performance and price, choosing cell phone jamming devices with external antennas are more suitable for conference rooms, but if you care about the beauty of the conference room and don’t care about the slight cost difference, you can also choose the Fixed cell phone jamming equipment with built-in antenna.

gangsters and terrorists and cell blockers
19 Oct. 2022

Seized advanced rifle exposes jail cell blockers vulnerability

Four M.P.-47 rifles were seized by Punjab security agencies on October 14. The presence of these 4 rifles in Punjab heralds some major events in the near future. Terrorists and gangs can't use phone to remotely direct smuggling and criminal events inside the prison when mobile networks operating in prisons can be blocked by installing cell blockers...

mobile jammer in the test room
19 Oct. 2022

With the high-tech technical support of CCTV cameras and mobile jammers, the UPSSSC exam ended successfully

From the control room, the DM also monitors the exam room through live feeds from CCTV cameras. The DM said that department magistrates and district magistrates also have a duty to conduct exams peacefully and not to plagiarize. At the same time, all centers also ensure the placement of mobile jammer.

Large-scale plagiarism because of no mobile phone signal jammers
17 Oct. 2022

Large-scale plagiarism found in Gaya's police recruitment test because no signal jammers were installed in the exam room

In Gaya's police recruitment test, 40 candidates took advantage of the fact that none of the test centers installed mobile phone signal jammers and brought mobile communication devices or Bluetooth devices into the test center hidden in their ears, and contacted the solver, which was found to be plagiarism.

Cell jammer in the exam rooms
13 Oct. 2022

What is a cell phone jammer and how does it work?

With the development of technology, more and more people use mobile phones to cheat. In order to ensure the information security of the examination room, some ordinary colleges and universities generally use Cell phone signal jammers to interfere with external signals within a certain range.

Cell phone jammers installed in PM-visited neighborhoods
10 Oct. 2022

In preparation for PM Modi's visit, Cell phone jammers will be installed around Mahakal Temple

For the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from October 9 to 11, Cell phone signal jammers will be installed around the Mahakal Temple, and other security work is also being arranged.

Cell phone jamming device at beach
19 Sep. 2022

Cell phone jamming device at beach campsites give us restful vacations

From the map, it's great: a beach campsite 5 minutes from the sea, a very functional small mobile home, games and local services. Stay away from the interruption of work. After understanding, a mobile signal jamming device is installed here, an electronic device that can interfere with the signal of the mobile phone network, so that you can completely avoid being disturbed.

16 Bands Portable Cellular Jammer
15 Sep. 2022

Signal Blockers for Different Purposes from Jammermfg.com online-shop

In Jammermfg.com jammer store, we have listed various styles of frequency jamming equipment, which can deal with different scenarios and different signal jamming solutions. If you're looking for an electronic jammer device to jam your cell phone, WIFI, GPS, drone or remote control signal, you've come to the right place...

High Court of Punjab and Haryana asked to upgrade mobile jammers
14 Sep. 2022

Haryana High Court condemns Punjab govt for delay in upgrading mobile jammers

The Punjab-Haryana High Court has sharply criticized the Punjab government for delaying the installation of signal jammers despite increasing incidents of obtaining cellphones from inmates in jails. In the 5G era, the Punjab government did not install 4G jammers or 5G mobile phone jammer in prisons, the court said.

Cell phone signal Jammer
17 Aug. 2022

Why do people choose to buy Cell Phone signal jammers? Is it legal?

Phone blocker are the easiest and most cost-effective solution to preventing unwanted surveillance. From protecting your information to protecting your privacy, cell phone signal jammers are very useful.