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Anti UAV Jammers


The latest and unique design high power portable drone jammer with built-in high-gain directional antenna can interfere with WIFI 2.4G, WIFI 5.8G, GPS L1 and Glonass L1 signals within a range of up to 500 meters, and jam all the drone&UAVs using these frequency bands, such as Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard series, Inspire series... Different from other drone jamming devices, this portable UAV blocker is very light, built-in rechargeable battery, can work continuously for up to 2.0 hours, and can check the battery level through the LCD display at any time, it is very convenient.

$819.79 $1319.79
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: WIFI 2.4G, WIFI 5.8G, GPS L1 and Glonass L1
  • Output power: 20W
  • Working Time:2h
  • Jamming Range:200-500m
  • Size:280 x 130 x 46mm
  • Weight:1.0 kg

This is a newly launched wifi jammer blocker, which can block all wifi signals, including interference WiFi Bluetooth 2.4G/ 5.2G/ 5.8G signals, and each signal frequency band can be turned on and off by a DIP switch, without affecting other frequency bands, using the latest ABS shell material and LCD display, with a cooling fan and a larger radiator cooling system inside, can work continuously for more than 2.5 hours, powerful and easy to carry.

$558.98 $958.98
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: WiFi 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G
  • Output power: 6 W
  • Working Time:up to 3h
  • Jamming Range:5-40 m
  • Size:210x130x46mm
  • Weight:1.2 kg

This military-grade handheld Drone signal jammer can jam Wifi 2.4G/5.8G, GPS L1 + Glonass L1, GPS L2 + Glonass L2 signals within 100-300 meters. Within its effective range, it can effectively crash-land Dji, Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard series, Inspire series and other drones.

$1089.96 $1689.96
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: WiFi 2.4G, WiFi 5.8G, GPSL1+GlonassL1, GPSL2+GlonassL2
  • Output power: 44 W
  • Working Time:about 1h
  • Jamming Range:100-300 m
  • Size:200x135x50 mm
  • Weight:1.8 kg

As an excellent long-range UAV signal blocker, this device can effectively jam 2.4g and 5.8g Glonass and GPS signals. Effective range up to 250 meters. Can effectively jam UAV drones, such as Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard series, Inspire series.

$2350.18 $3350.18
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: WIFI 2.4G, WIFI 5.8G, GPS L1 and Glonass L1, GPS L2+L5
  • Output power: 28W
  • Working Time:About 1.5 h
  • Jamming Range:200-600 meters
  • Size:260 x 260 x 70 mm
  • Weight:2.7 kg

It is worth mentioning that this high-performance Drone jammers, model DJ-02, is often used in confidential laboratories, private villas, star residences or government buildings and military compounds where confidentiality is required. It can jam drones using WiFi 2.4GHz (2.4-2.5GHz) and WiFi 5GHz (5.1-5.9GHz) signals with a radius of 500~1200 meters. In addition, it's the top WiFi jamming device to protect network security. If you like it, make it yours today!

$3778.38 $5778.38
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: WIFI 2.4G/5G
  • Output power: 30W
  • Working Time:7/24h non-stop working
  • Jamming Range:500-1200 M
  • Size:410 x 235 x 95 mm
  • Weight:10 kg

This is the most popular hand-held Remote Control frequency jammers in our store that combines fashion design, powerful radio frequency signal interference, easy portability, and high cost performance. It can jam the Remote controller communications of toys, cars and drones, televisions, Air-conditioner, flying UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), remote-controlled robots, remote-controlled cars, and others. Although designed to be hand-held, this RF jammer has a jamming radius of up to 10 meters, depending on the signal strength in a given area.

$299.89 $319.89
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz
  • Output power: 1.5W
  • Working Time:About 3 h
  • Jamming Range:1-10 meters
  • Size:177.5 x 76.5 x 36.5 mm
  • Weight:0.2 kg

This powerful Drone Blocker features a sleek Sniper Rifle shape and combines with high-energy jammer technology, making it one of the most popular drone jamming devices on the market. The maximum interference distance of the high-power model can reach 1000-2000M, especially for blocking the signal between the drone and the remote control, which can force the drone to land or return to flight in just ten seconds.

$2136.69 $3136.69
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: WIFI 2.4G, WIFI 5.8G, GPS
  • Output power: 25W or 60W
  • Working Time:up to 1.5h
  • Jamming Range:500-1000m
  • Size:230x90x50mm
  • Weight:5.1 kg

The latest military and police shield-shaped UAV blocking equipment adopts professional military design and is suitable for military, police and security use. It can interfere with low-altitude drone remote control signals without affecting other signals. The maximum effective interference distance can reach 2000 meters. The aluminum shell design has good heat dissipation performance, and is very light and easy to carry and use. It has a very significant effect on jamming drones or forcing drones to land.

$6238.86 $10238.86
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: WIFI 2.4G, WIFI 5.8G, GPS L1 and Glonass L1
  • Output power: 55W
  • Jamming Range:up to 2000 m
  • Size:277x 80x50 mm
  • Weight:1.5 kg

This powerful jammer can disable all drones in its jamming range and can block 100~500 meters of Wifi 2.4G/5.8G, GPSL1 and Glonass L1 signals, and each frequency band is independent, can be controlled on or off without affecting the use of other frequency bands. This Lightweight and portable drone Interceptor also has an LCD display function, which can check the battery level at any time to avoid problems that affect your use due to insufficient power.

$2636.96 $3636.96
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: WIFI 2.4G, WIFI 5.8G, GPS L1 and Glonass L1
  • Output power: 20 W
  • Working Time:1.5 h
  • Jamming Range:100-500 m
  • Size:450*105*60mm
  • Weight:1.5 kg

QLY-F90S Anti UAV Signal Scramblers have small size and light weight, it is easy to carry by hand or on back, it supports background management system. lt has external double batteries that are easy to replace and ensure continuous work in the field. lt can force landing and driving away of unlicensed flying drones without approval.

$18899.99 $28899.99
Key Features
  • Jamming Frequency: 0.9GHz, 1.6GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz
  • Working Time:≥ 6.0h
  • Jamming Range:≥1500m
  • Size:510x120x55mm
  • Weight:about 3.0 kg

Drone signal jammer for sale - to avoid being disturbed or photographed by drones

Nowadays, many people are using the high-definition camera installed on the drone to take pictures or shoot videos, especially when they are on the road, they can capture some beautiful and unforgettable moments through the God's perspective of the drone. But as illegals use drones to take pictures, carry drugs, and even explosives..., our privacy and security are easily threatened.

What is a drone jammer?

Jammer for drones operate by emitting electromagnetic noise targeted at the radio frequencies used by drones for communication and navigation. These frequencies typically include GPS L1, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz, which are non-assigned, public frequencies. By inundating these frequencies with interference, jammers disrupt the conversation between the drone and its operator, effectively rendering the drone inert or causing it to initiate predetermined safety protocols.

Why are drone blockers safer than other anti-drone technologies?

Because the UAV jammer forces the drone to land or return through radio frequency interference, it will not destroy the drone and the evidence. Other anti-drone technologies often result in damage to drones and even damage to people and property. On the other hand, if the drone is carrying bombs or other dangerous items, using other anti-drone solutions to bring down the drone could have serious consequences, such as the explosion of the bomb resulting in injury and death. And drone frequency jammer usually forces the drone to land or return to its origin.

The high-power Anti drone jammer gun ( or Anti drone jamming system) we developed can jam a drone using Wifi 2.4GHz, 5GHz and GPS signals from a long distance to create a safe and comfortable environment for you, truly protect your privacy and security.


Can drone jammers interfere with legitimate communication systems?

No, drone radio jammer for drones are designed to selectively target frequencies used by drones while avoiding interference with critical communication systems like manned aircraft or cell phones.

How effective are drone jammers against advanced drones?

While anti drone uav jammer can disrupt most commercial drones, advanced models equipped with frequency-hopping capabilities may pose a greater challenge.

What are the potential risks of using drone jammers?

Risks associated with drone jammers include unintended interference with legitimate systems, violation of privacy rights, and the escalation of conflicts in certain situations.

Are there alternatives to drone jammers for countering unauthorized drone activities?

Yes, alternative methods include drone detection systems, physical barriers, and legal measures such as drone registration and licensing.