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29 Nov. 2022 Andrew

What basics do you need to know about cell phone frequency jammers?

cell phone frequency jammer with 27 bands

If you already know what a signal jammer is, you will find that it is a great tool to protect our privacy, security.

For different frequency interference, there are different types of frequency jammers. Imagine the following situation. You're sitting in a nice restaurant and all kinds of harassing calls are on your phone trying to sell you their products, and you want them to stop doing it, and you want to interrupt your cell signal. In this case, you need a cell phone frequency jammer. Later, you think you're being tracked and don't want to allow it. In this case, you need a GPS jammer. When you are resting, you are worried that others will invade your online community through the WIFI router, and your personal information will be leaked. At this time, a wifi blocker can help you...

Be aware that even if you can afford to buy all these devices, it's not very convenient to carry them around. This means you should also look for equipment that is comfortable and affordable. With the upgrading of technology, multi-functional frequency jammers have been invented. It can interfere with many frequency bands to meet your needs for jamming multiple frequency bands at the same time. The latest multi-functional frequency jammers on the market can interfere with up to 27 frequency bands at the same time. The frequency band is very powerful, so you don't have to worry about how to choose. They're convenient and lower your budget than buying several individually.

But nothing is perfect. I have to mention that the more frequent the frequency blocking, the faster the battery discharges. At the same time, the more frequency of interference, the faster the power consumption. Therefore, the requirements for portable jammers are getting higher and higher, not only need to be small and light, but also interfere with more frequencies, which is undoubtedly contradictory, but with the upgrading of large-capacity rechargeable battery technology, this is undoubtedly a good The news made the advantages of the portable jammer more obvious. Having said that, in any case, pay attention to the battery specifications before buying, because this will determine how long you will use it. Also, it would be perfect with a car lighter adapter so you can charge your device in the car.

In addition, the following items need to be paid attention to when using the mobile phone jammer:

1. cell phone frequency jammers must not interfere with base station uplinks.

At present, due to insufficient research and development capabilities, the mobile phone signal jammers provided by some jammer manufacturers seriously interfere with the uplink of the base station, resulting in abnormal or complete failure of the base station. There is no signal even within a few kilometers of the base station. Residents cannot use mobile phones normally. Therefore, in order to avoid serious accidents and be held accountable, users are advised to purchase jammers from regular stores.

2. Be careful when installing the cell phone jammer to avoid interfering with other people's emergency calls.

3. The power of the interference source, the interference ability of low-power signal jammers to high-power electronic equipment is very weak, or even unable to interfere

4. Do not turn on the power switch before the antenna is installed to avoid burning the machine

5. For portable jammers, it is not recommended to use them while charging to avoid burn-in