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As WiFi and Bluetooth technologies become more and more mature, you can use WiFi to quickly surf the Internet or remotely control smart appliances, bringing great convenience to your life. But your wireless webcams and smart appliances can easily be controlled by hackers or technicians and become tools for listening in or stealing your information. At this time, you need a wifi signal jammer to protect your privacy.

In public places, when you are connected to free WiFi, criminals such as hackers may attack your network via WiFi or Bluetooth and steal your confidential files and privacy, or even transfer your property. But if you use WiFi to interfere with the device, it can effectively isolate the signal and protect your privacy and security. This may sound alarmist, but it's not uncommon in Europe and North America. But once we block the wireless signal in advance, they can't hack our smart devices through the external network. That's why we need to use WiFi blockers.

wifi jamer block Wifi hackers
29 Dec. 2022

WiFi is becoming a major medium for hacking, how can I prevent it?

To protect your personal data from hacking and eavesdropping, you should carefully monitor all files and apps you download from the internet. There is also a wifi jammer that can prevent illegal hackers from invading through wifi.

Buy a wifi scrambler
27 Dec. 2022

Buy a wifi scrambler to block wireless signals to keep your information safe

Stop hidden cameras installed in your home from photographing and eavesdropping. Possibility to acquire data with the help of WiFi connection. Personal data is always at potential risk. Information can also be stolen. The operating frequency is 2.4GHz. A suppression device supporting the 2.4GHz frequency is required. Protect your privacy. Just buy a wifi jammer that will do what you want.

Powerful Mobile phone and WiFi signal jammers
7 Dec. 2022

Why does Boss need signal blocker that can block cell phone and WIFI signals?

To prevent these problems from happening, cell phone cellular frequencies and WiFi networks should be cut off - cell phone jammers will be very helpful for bosses to get rid of them. Mobile phone and WiFi jammers can be installed in offices, conference rooms, workshops and other places to allow employees to focus more on their work and improve work efficiency.

Powerful WiFi jamming device
6 Dec. 2022

The WiFi jamming device is the best choice to prevent network hackers and network viruses

To keep your personal information safe, we recommend avoiding public hotspots and using a WiFi jamming device. In this case, it's not easy to handle that error. You should remember that your personal information is extremely valuable. Many large companies make huge profits selling them, so you must protect them.

High Quality WiFi Blocker
29 Nov. 2022

Legal Uses of WiFi Blockers and Bad Consequences of Illegal Uses

A High Quality WiFi Jammer can completely cut off the wireless signal. This prevents wireless network intrusion, which is especially important if you want to protect your privacy. It also blocks WiFi signals in public areas, reducing the chance of theft or other unauthorized use.

WiFi Signal Jammer keep your useful information Safe
22 Nov. 2022

Wireless Signal Jammer Keeps Your Mobile Device's Private Information Safe

To keep your personal data safe, we recommend avoiding public hotspots and using a Wi-Fi signal blocker. In this case, criminals will not be able to intercept your data information. You have to remember that your personal data is really valuable and many big companies sell it for huge profits.

advanced Wifi signal blocker protects your personal privacy
15 Nov. 2022

The advanced wifi signal blocker protects your personal privacy in all directions

With the development of mobile phones and drones, we are easily photographed or monitored, and even our private whereabouts are easily leaked. If you are a person who values ​​personal privacy, then you must want to know more about signal jammers, because it is very important to protect your personal safety.

Wifi signal scrambler block phone calls
14 Nov. 2022

Wifi signal scrambler are very popular in noisy environments and where information needs to be kept safe

Do you want to leave the noisy environment? You may be wondering how to bring peace to your location when there are too many noisy mobile phones around? The answer is WIFI signal isolator. A good WIFI signal scrambler can keep you away from noisy phones and can bring you peace and quiet.

WiFi jammers jam wireless cameras
10 Nov. 2022

The nemesis of wireless cameras - WiFi jammers to ensure no eavesdropping

Technicians focused on reducing the bulk, making it lightweight and compact. It is hard to prevent and is one of the necessary tools for spies. To prevent this hidden spy camera from being used in illicit ways, using a portable wifi camera jammer is a simple and effective solution.

Internet security and Wifi Signal Jammers
4 Nov. 2022

Four Reasons Why Wifi Signal Jammers Are Used So Much

The application of wifi and bluetooth technology has become more and more mature, which brings convenience to people, but also brings the risk of privacy leakage and data theft. This is also the original intention of wifi signal blockers, in order to prevent hackers and illegal elements from abusing wifi and bluetooth technology to commit crimes.

Construction materials cause wifi signal jamming
13 Oct. 2022

How to Identify and Reduce WiFi Signal Jamming

As the number of wireless devices in the environment continues to increase, wireless signal Jamming becomes an issue that affects connection stability and overall performance, so it is important to understand what is causing the wifi signal Jamming so that you can effectively reduce it and enhance wireless performance.

Taiwanese police have aerial camera jammers
11 Oct. 2022

China Taiwan National Day 1,500 police force security, unification and independence groups protest once burst into conflict

For the 2022 Double Ten Nations Celebration Ceremony, the Taiwanese police have high-standard security guards, and a total of 1,500 police officers have been established. Not only did bomb detection dogs arrive for on-site inspections many times before the ceremony, but also aerial camera jammers and surveillance guards at the commanding heights in front of the government.

Public Wifi und Portable Wifi jammer
20 Sep. 2022

Portable Wifi jammer proliferate and are widely used in life

Not all mobile phone users know when to stop talking, the loud ringing of incoming calls and loud phone calls during dinner affects the appetite, what's more, hackers pass WiFi Check out our emails... A recent piece of news revealed a high-tech solution to this problem - wifi jammers.