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If you find yourself being monitored or tracked by other people or surveillance devices while traveling, traveling, or out, how can I protect myself from being monitored by cell phones, listening devices, or tracking devices? Professional things are left to professionals, we have developed a pocket or handheld portable cell phone blocker that can solve your troubles immediately, allowing you to selectively block unwanted cell phone, wifi, gps or radio signals, only Leave the signal you need, very convenient to protect your privacy and information security.

Portable jammer, it can be a pocket jammer, a hand-held jammer, or a backpack signal jammer that is easy to carry. They can all customize the frequency according to your needs, escort you at any time, protect your privacy, information Safety and security is one of the essential tools, especially for out-of-home workers, special industry workers and celebrities who are easily tracked.

Maybe, you may not need to carry it with you or move frequently, but you need a longer interference distance and more stable interference performance, then we recommend you to browse our desktop jammer page.