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7 Nov. 2022 Andrew

Blocking network auto-dial calls prevents harassment and spoofing

cell phone signal jammer phone harassment and phone fraud

Now the Internet has penetrated into various fields, and there are countless mobile APPs and online software with various magical functions. Many Limin software brings great convenience to people, but some bad hackers use small online software to hang Trojan horses or implant viruses through dial-up software. These harassing calls and fraudulent software bring a lot of losses to everyone. Therefore, many customers are asking us what is a good way to stop these harassing calls - cell phone signal jammer, which can block all phone harassment and phone fraud, allowing you to enjoy your peaceful time quietly.

At present, the technology to prevent information leakage is also very advanced, such as common shielded computer rooms built to avoid information leakage, cell phone jammers and so on. But most people may think that it is a sci-fi product in the movie. In fact, it also exists in reality. There are many places where mobile phones are prohibited, such as examination rooms and conference rooms, as long as you pay attention.

Important entrance exams, qualifying exams or final exams require the installation of cell phone jammers in the exam room to block electronic signals around the exam room and prevent possible electronic fraud. Mobile phone communication jammers are constantly being upgraded to prevent the occurrence of cheating in the college entrance examination, and provide a fair and just examination environment for college entrance examination candidates. Although it is the goal of every candidate to go to a first-class university, they must achieve their goals through their own efforts and strength.

Confidential meetings usually require that mobile phones and laptops with unlimited Internet access are prohibited, and unapproved photography, video and audio recording equipment with the following functions are prohibited. The organizer of the conference needs to check the participants according to the confirmed list of participants, by showing the corresponding certificates, verifying the identity of the participants, etc., to ensure that the participants are accurate and prevent irrelevant persons from entering the venue. For a meeting with a high degree of confidentiality of the content of the meeting or the release carrier, or a meeting involving a large number of personnel involved in secrets, a confidentiality work plan shall be convened at the internal venue and implemented. According to the needs of the meeting, if necessary, a cell phone blocker can be installed in the conference room to prevent the use of mobile phones to leak secrets during the meeting.

Blocking spam calls and setting mobile phone read permissions are the basic guarantees for mobile phone security. Many people browse space and Moments in their spare time every day. At this time, be careful not to reveal your personal privacy when posting and sharing your daily life. In addition, Internet telemarketers may also obtain your personal information, location information, etc. by making calls; we should pay attention when we see someone scanning the QR code on the side of the road. When we follow, we need to read your geographic location, read your address book. You should be careful with your address book. It is best to see which of your privacy is being read and stolen in the system settings of the background software. If we don't know much about the safety of mobile phone operation, then don't scan QR codes for sales or advertising in public places. Of course, the payment codes of large supermarkets can be scanned with confidence.