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10 Oct. 2022 Andrew

In preparation for PM Modi's visit, Cell phone jammers will be installed around Mahakal Temple

For the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from October 9 to 11, mobile phone network jammers will be installed around the Mahakal Temple, and other security work is also being arranged.

Cell phone jammers installed in PM-visited neighborhoods

For the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the security work of relevant departments has been actively deployed step by step. A 2,000-strong police force, including battalions in several cities in the state, is responsible for security. And from October 9, Mahakal temples and inauguration areas will be completely banned from activities, only those with permission will be allowed in and out, and cell phone jammers have been deployed to ban cell phone calls in the area until October 11.

For the safety of the Prime Minister, a registration survey has been carried out on every house and its members in Mahakal area before this. So far everything is normal, but from October 9, the entire area of ​​the temple and Mahakal Lok area will be under martial law and disinfection, which means that not everyone can move in the area.

Here comes the tech team with cell phone network jammers

From 9 October, during the Prime Minister's visit, work on the police radio precinct, wireless and many technical security has started. During the Prime Minister's arrival, mobile networks will be blocked by jammers. Technical teams with cell phone network jammers are spread out throughout the area, which means that the block will only be accessible via walkie-talkies, and cell phone calls are prohibited.

In addition, if security guards can be seen from a high place, they are deployed on various heights to prevent all kinds of accidents. At the same time, there are relevant departments specializing in arresting and cleaning up lawbreakers, and the whole area is filled with tension