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Drone Signal jammer Blog collections

Drones are a low-cost, hard-to-fight military device. With the proliferation of micro and small drones, how to regulate them has become a headache for government agencies around the world. Drones have caused a lot of trouble around the world as they are used by terrorists and illegal groups to commit crimes or carry out terrorist attacks. Of course, there are countless ways to jam drone, and drone signal jammers are considered the easiest and most effective.

Drone Blockers are used to jam the drone signal and force it to land or return slowly, while preventing the drone from transmitting photo or video data to the operator, causing the operator to lose control of the drone, thereby reducing injuries and losses To the minimum, it can effectively deal with the threat of peeping drone cameras and dangerous drones. It is also a lightweight, soft kill, drone jamming solution.

Signal jammer in the 2022 World Cup
26 Dec. 2022

Active application of signal jammer in the 2022 World Cup and concerts

Many countries are following this activity. In order to prevent the event from being affected by drones, in this critical situation, the organizers use drone signal jammer to ensure the smooth progress of the event and the safety of the audience.

Anti UAS system - Drone jammer
19 Dec. 2022

Anti-UAV or drone technologies, have been developed to prevent jamming by bad drones.

While unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones for military and civilian use, are gaining popularity, there are still concerns that some drones could pose a threat to places like airports, prisons and power grids. Voice of America reporter Julie Taboh reports on a company developing technology that uses anti-drone technology to detect and reduce the threat of dangerous drones that Buasavan will throw at you.

Powerful UAV signal jammer
12 Dec. 2022

Powerful UAV signal jammer could protect airports from drone attacks

Where you use your drone matters. If you don't think about whether the time is right, is the place right? Peek into other people's lives and take pictures. and publish it online as a threat tool. This is all illegal. Drone jammers can solve common drones in daily life and protect our privacy and personal safety.

drone jammer was used during 2022 WSBK Mandalika race
12 Nov. 2022

NTB police ready to clear wild drones during 2022 WSBK Mandalika race

To predict wild drones, the National Police Headquarters assisted NTB police in forcibly lowering the drones using drone jammer.

drone jamming device and Drone Capture Eagle
9 Nov. 2022

Swiss Drone Capture Eagle squadron to be replaced by drone jamming devices

Because drones are now getting too big and heavy, it is difficult for drones to intercept and even cause falcons to be injured; in addition, the cost of drone falcon training is as high as 100,000 euros, which is much higher than the current UAV jamming device. Purchasing drone jamming device to defend against various drones becomes a more effective and cost-effective solution.

UAV jammer gun
8 Nov. 2022

What is the difference between UAV jammer and drone jamming system?

Drone jamming systems work the same way, shooting radio waves into the distance to interfere with the drone's control band. And use its own high-power radio signal to scan the sky for drones and control their control signals. They differ in their interference patterns and interference distances.

UAV signal jammers Gun
4 Nov. 2022

What design concepts are used in portable UAV signal jammers?

There are two main types of jamming technologies, namely noise technology and repeater technology. Point jamming, sweep jamming, and barrage jamming are the three most common types of noise jamming, while DRFM jamming is the most common type of repeater jamming.

Russians drones jammed by signal jamming devices
18 Oct. 2022

Arms treaty between Moscow and Tehran: Swap drones and missiles for jets

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly ruled out supplies to the warring parties, but images of the attack in Ukraine documented the use of hundreds of Iranian drones. They almost never have GPS satellite guidance devices, which can be jammed by signal jamming devices, but some have other mechanisms to maintain a designated route.

Taiwanese police have aerial camera jammers
11 Oct. 2022

China Taiwan National Day 1,500 police force security, unification and independence groups protest once burst into conflict

For the 2022 Double Ten Nations Celebration Ceremony, the Taiwanese police have high-standard security guards, and a total of 1,500 police officers have been established. Not only did bomb detection dogs arrive for on-site inspections many times before the ceremony, but also aerial camera jammers and surveillance guards at the commanding heights in front of the government.

Federal Wings UAV unit with drone signal jammer
23 Sep. 2022

Myanmar's military council is trying to deal with Defence Force drone strikes

A drone can be equipped with up to five bombs, so it can be tracked effectively. The advantage of drones, he said, is that humans can be used to patrol dangerous areas. Except the military uses drone signal jammer to prevent drones from flying around their camps.