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20 Oct. 2022 Andrew

Can cell phone jamming apps block other wireless signals?

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of mobile terminals such as mobile phones, it is also common for families to use shielding equipment to shield wireless signals. Shielding the mobile phone signal is an act of temporarily disappearing or weakening the mobile phone signal by using a certain device or a certain method.

At the same time, in the daily communication with customers, a term often appears - mobile phone shielding software, and there are various types of mobile phone signal shielding software even on major software download websites. The software introduction also introduces its powerful functions and A staggering number of downloads. The jammermfg team consulted the company's R&D engineers with more than ten years of experience in the signal shielding industry, and got a shocking answer - no shielding software can achieve the purpose of shielding signals!

mobile phone jammers VS cell phone jamming apps

Therefore, in order for the majority of users not to be deceived by these spam websites, the following explains in detail the unreasonableness of mobile phone interference App and the most effective mobile phone signal interference method.

It's very simple, you can simply understand the interference principle of mobile phone jammers, and you will understand that "blocking the signals of other communication devices through mobile phones" is a paradox in itself; the so-called mobile phone signal blocking software is to satisfy everyone's curiosity. A kind of junk software that only appears to block mobile phone signals and has no effect in fact.

If a piece of software can shield the signal, how is the shielded signal emitted? You must know that the signal emitted by the mobile phone is nothing more than WIFI/Bluetooth, which is also one of the signal frequency bands that the shielding device needs to shield. This also fundamentally denies the existence of signal shielding software.

In addition, some people may ask: Is there no software in the shielding device? However, the software of the shielding device is mainly used to adjust the scanning frequency band, control and understand the working content of the device, etc. It still needs the antenna, cooling fan, special motherboard, power supply and other components to be assembled together to become an effective signal shielding device. . Simply put, a mobile phone is a mobile phone, and a signal jammer is a signal blocker. The two are completely different.

So if you just want to have fun, you can try to download these software. But if you really want to interfere with the signal of other communication equipment in some specific occasions, then we still recommend that you buy professional mobile phone signal shielding equipment. Because blocking mobile phone signals requires professional hardware rather than some simple software.

Finally, I also introduce the simplest, most convenient and effective signal shielding method for you.

1. For your mobile phone, in fact, the easiest way to block the mobile phone signal is to turn on the airplane mode of the mobile phone. For example, on a plane, in a meeting, when you don't want to be disturbed.

2. For multiple communication signal devices that need to be shielded in certain places. The most practical and convenient way is to buy a cell phone signal jammer. The signal jammers produced by Jammermfg are hand-held, portable and desktop, etc., with a shielding range of 0-1000 meters, and there are also a variety of signal jammers suitable for different environments.