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30 Dec. 2022 Andrew

Why are cell phone scramblers used in prisons to block phone calls?

cell phone scramblers block calls in prisons

Prisoners' use of mobile phones to arrange crimes outside prison is becoming more common in the region. In July, corrections chiefs in 26 districts submitted a request to the Federal Communications Commission asking federal regulators to authorize blocking of cellphone airwaves in state prisons, the Associated Press said. Non-government radio facilities fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission, while NTIA has authority to control the use of radio range by the federal government.

Cell phone scramblers are used in prisons in many countries around the world

Placing cell phone jammers in prisons is not a new concept. From the initial GSM jammer, 3G jammer to the current 4G jammer, 5G jammer. Installing signal scramblers in prisons has gained acceptance and seems to be the most effective way to keep prisoners from using prohibited mobile phones, but they also run the risk of disrupting signal areas near prisons.

Last year, the Texas prison system confiscated a large number of cellphones. The investigators saw that the confiscated mobile phones were hidden in various "ingenious" places such as juice bottles and books. In addition, 80 mobile phones were found in an air generator in one of the prisons.

"I've had cases where prisoners have hidden phones in their abdominal cavities," he said, "not just phones, but charging devices." Never stopped to surprise him.

It wasn't a joke a few years ago when the other end of the phone line was the death row inmate Taber.

"He (Tabler) gave my daughter's name, my ex-wife, their address, their age, etc.," commented Senator Whitmire of the 15th District. "I couldn't believe it at first, but I'm sure it wasn't a prank call."

"I've been feeling the unpleasant effects of those threatening calls, and I don't want anyone I represent or anyone in the Texas area to feel it," Whitmire commented.

Birsa Munda Central Prison source said, "If a prisoner has power and money, he can call anyone. Jamming equipment installed in different prisons is for 3G, 4G mobile phone systems, but it is not seen or banned Make calls in the 5G system provided by Hyundai stores."

Prison administrators have so far been unable to keep cellphones completely away from prisons, as inmates always seem to be one step ahead. That's why professionals recommend another solution.

"If you can make the phone worthless in there - that's the perfect key, and a phone jammer is the best solution."

Today, the federal correctional facility in Maryland is conducting a test to prove that cell phone scramblers really work. The Interacted Press quoted a spokesman as saying officials are looking to show Congress how the technology could keep prisoners from using prohibited phones.