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7 Dec. 2022 Andrew

Why is my ordered cell phone jammer not working?

In order to make it easy for customers to use cell phone jammers, this article will summarize some reasons why the jammers you ordered may not work properly!

1. You must order the right cell phine jammer according to your needs, this is the most important thing!
1) If you want to block all mobile phone signals, you must choose the latest 5G mobile phone jammer. Of course, if you need to add blocking GPS or jamming Wifi function, you only need to choose an all-in-one jammer.
2) Choose the right power: Portable jammers have low power, are prone to heat, and have a relatively small shielding range, while desktop jamming device have high power and good heat dissipation! The shielding range of the desktop jammer is farther!
3) If you want to block the GPS track, at least choose a 2-in-1 jammer (mobile phone + GPS jammer)!

2. After receiving the portable jammer with a built-in battery (the desktop jammer does not have a battery), it is recommended to fully charge it before using it to avoid unusable situations due to insufficient power. Generally, after charging for 6-10 hours, the battery status indicator will turn from red to green;

3. All antennas must be installed as marked (1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 7-7 8-8 or GSM to GSM, GPS to GPS...). More importantly, be sure not to turn on the jammer without an antenna installed!

4. The white dip switch on the side of the portable jammer must be ON. Generally, it is closed by default, and a row of green indicators will light up next to it after it is turned on.

5. Interference range: the position where the signal strength is <=-75dBm. Interference distance will vary based on signal strength and location. Jammers are less effective if you are near a signal base station! Here, I will tell you how to test your local signal strength using your mobile phone.

1) Android Phones: Simply pull up the menu, scroll down and select About Phone, then Status/Network Status. On this screen you will be able to see the signal displayed in dBm and ASU.

Android Phones under the test of cell phone blocker

2) iPhone: Step 1: Dial *3001#12345#* on your iPhone and press Call. Step 2: You will now enter live testing mode. You'll notice a signal strength indicator in the upper left corner of the screen.

iPhone under the test of cell phine jammer

Decibel signal strength is usually in double or triple digits and can be negative. Some phones don't display the minus sign, so if your phone only shows numbers (eg 90), the signal strength is actually -90. The closer the number is to zero, the better the reception, so -80 is a stronger signal than -90. The unit of measurement is the decibel (dB), which is a measure of signal power. The decibel scale is not linear—a 3 dB increase corresponds to doubling the signal strength, while a 10 dB increase corresponds to a 10-fold increase in signal strength. For example, an RSSI value of -60 is actually ten times stronger than an RSSI value of -70.

Accurate readings of received signal strength are critical when you are evaluating an area for installation of possible signal jamming devices. Being able to see exactly what signal strength is inside and outside a building is critical to choosing a cell phone jammer.