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19 Oct. 2022 Andrew

Seized advanced rifle exposes jail cell blockers vulnerability

gangsters and terrorists and cell blockers

Four M.P.-47 rifles were seized by Punjab security agencies on October 14. The presence of these 4 rifles in Punjab heralds some major events in the near future. In the early days, AKs were commonly used by heroin smugglers and terrorists. Rifles like the M.P. 47 were once imported from Pakistan, but their presence in Punjab undoubtedly indicates a recent plot by gangsters and terrorists to destabilize Punjab.

According to security agency sources, Punjabi singer Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu Moosewala was kidnapped by A.K. A similar incident may occur in the next few days, and there may even be a possibility of being killed. However, security agencies have issued warnings about this. Whether the incident was in the form of a mass battle, or was it against a celebrity or something. At present, the Punjab Police claim that the situation is under control, but the gangster Deepak Tinu, who was wanted in the Moosewala murder case, has been detained by the police, which in some ways corroborates the Punjab Police's claim.

Prison police fail to block cell phone networks in prisons

After the seizure of the weapons, it was revealed that the mobile phone network was running inside the prison. Neither central nor state government security agencies have failed to block the cellphone networks of terrorists and smugglers in prisons. Mobile phones are being confiscated from dangerous criminals in prisons every day. Even the mobile phone of the killer of singer Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu Moosewala was confiscated, proving that there is a network of smugglers and gangsters in the prison, with some prison officials involved.

Most heroin smugglers and gangsters are behind bars, but in practice most smugglers keep in touch with their bosses via WhatsApp calls. While mobile networks operating in prisons can be blocked by installing cell blockers, most prisons currently have no jammers or GSM, 3G cell phone blockers that cannot jam 4G, 5G phones.

High Court Chief Justice has repeatedly demanded that security services must pay attention to the installation of cell phone jammers in prisons

Due to the lack of the latest mobile phone blockers in prisons, terrorists and gangs are using this loophole to remotely direct smuggling and criminal events inside the prison, increasing the occurrence of terrorist and organized gang activities. The central government agencies and state government agencies have shown very weak solutions in this regard, and were once criticized by high court judges. And called for the installation of cell signal blockers to block prisoners from contacting the outside world, in order to reduce the occurrence of organized crime.