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The Featured jammers designed for various electronic communication equipment are here, such as Anti-cheating frequency blockers, Wireless signal scrambler, GPS tracker jammers, Anti-Drone jammer, radio signal blocker, Meeting-room signal isolator, Outdoor mobile phone signal disruptors... Each kind of jammer has its own highlights, and has absolute advantages in its respective fields.

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Mobile phone jammers have now affected every aspect of our lives. It can be said that people's lives are inseparable from smartphone jammer. The Smart phone is not only a payment tool, but also an important tool for communication, information browsing, messaging, entertainment and so on. Modern people can go without food for a day, but they cannot leave their smart phones for a moment, and cell phones have become the spiritual opium of modern people. That's why we firmly believe that almost everyone should own a cell phone signal jammer, an essential must-have gadget for everyday life.

In fact, there are many types of frequency jammers, such as mobile phone blockers, Wifi jammers, GPS jammers,... They are used in different places, and their names are different according to their functions. But one thing is for sure, it can help those who need it address privacy and security concerns. If you are careful enough about life, you will find that signal jamers have been widely used in various places around us.

Signal blockers in the Examination centers
1. Educational institutions & Examination centers

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in many places in educational institutions and test centers, but it is not uncommon for candidates to cheat using various communication devices in the test room every year. In the face of sudden cell phone ringing or vibration in the classroom, teachers and students are distracted, affecting the progress of teaching. Signal blockers must be used to prevent such events from happening.

Signal jamming device werden in Prisons
2. Prisons and Correctional Centers

The supervision of cell phones in prisons and correctional centers cannot be taken lightly at any time. In order to allow prisoners to smoothly reform through labor and prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world through smuggling cell phones, prisons need high power signal jamming device. Create a signal shielding area with no dead spots.

frequency blockers in Conference room
3. Conference room

During some important meetings, employees are often asked to turn on their mobile phones in airplane mode or meeting mode, but there are always some "alternatives" who still send text messages and surf the Internet there, wasting everyone's precious meeting time. In order to curb this phenomenon, install frequency blockers is a good choice!

Powerful internet jammer installed in the R&D Centers and Laboratories
4. R&D Centers and Laboratories

The R&D center and laboratory are the core of the company's technology. In order to prevent the leakage of R&D data and test data, and prevent hackers from stealing data through wifi or local area network. Using a powerful internet jammer to create a signal exclusion zone can effectively protect the network and data security.

signal blocking device in the cinema
5. Cinemas and theatres

Movie theaters and theaters should be places where we can quietly appreciate art and cultivate our sentiments, so that we can enjoy a pleasant leisure time, but there are always some rude people who don't know how to keep quiet. At this point, signal blocker device can help cinemas and theaters protect the legitimate rights and interests of their customers

choose a jammer device in the Libraries
6. Libraries and lounges

When you are immersed in the vast sea of ​​books, I think one of the things you hate the most is to be interrupted reading suddenly, just like someone who is in deep sleep is suddenly awakened. Libraries and lounges are places that need quiet and do not want to be disturbed, and choosing a mobile phone jammer device can avoid being disturbed!

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Signal Blockers for Different Purposes from Jammermfg.com online-shop

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Cell phone signal Jammer
17 Aug. 2022

Why do people choose to buy Cell Phone signal jammers? Is it legal?

Phone blocker are the easiest and most cost-effective solution to preventing unwanted surveillance. From protecting your information to protecting your privacy, cell phone signal jammers are very useful.

How To Use Signal Jammer Demo Video

There are videos about all kinds of signal blockers. Through these videos, you can quickly understand its functions and use them correctly, so as to avoid product failure or damage due to improper operation.

Portable 8 Bands Cell Phone Jammer use demonstration video

This video briefly introduces the functions and product characteristics of the best-selling portable 8-antenna jammer in our store, and introduces its operation steps and the effect of the mobile phone signal jammer when it works. It is for your reference. I hope it can help you, such as If you have more questions about signaljammers, you can contact us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible after receipt.

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This video describes in detail the complete process of the fixed signal jammer device from unboxing to use, to help beginner users of desktop jamming devices get started faster and use them correctly to protect their own legal rights.