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19 Sep. 2022 Andrew

Cell phone jamming device at beach campsites give us restful vacations

Cell phone jamming device at beach

Since my partner and I have vacations in the summer, we're ready to go camping on the beach, get away from everything, take a stroll, play petanque, or sunbathe by the pool. There is no doubt that during this hot summer vacation, we were there to make pleasant memories to share with our loved ones, and sometimes we miss them and reminisce about those good times...  

From the map, it's great: a beach campsite 5 minutes from the sea, a very functional small mobile home, games and local services. Stay away from the interruption of work. After understanding, a Cell phone jamming device is installed here, an electronic device that can interfere with the signal of the mobile phone network, so that you can completely avoid being disturbed. You can rest in peace.

We are very happy to appreciate the smells and colors of the coast, we watch the sunrise together, walk, play petanque, or sunbathe by the pool, watch the sunset and the sea breeze, everything is so peaceful and comfortable.

Departing at 4.30am, we escaped the heat in the car and made the most of our first day at sea, heading to the pretty town of Vias. I won't mention the campground by name, as my comments on the seemingly common practices discussed in this post may cause others to disagree.

In these two days, we have seen all the scenery, enjoyed the time with only each other, and made our feelings deeper. Although during the period, we will habitually scan our mobile phones, but we still find nothing, no missed calls, no text messages...

A few days later, a vacationer found out that the campsite was using a GSM jammer, and the receptionist confirmed to my partner: it's true, but there's nothing I can do about it, everyone in the area does it, which may upset some, But it can also allow people who don't want to be disturbed to enjoy a quiet and comfortable summer camp. After all, everything has its pros and cons. For us, we are looking forward to the next wonderful vacation.