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9 Dec. 2022 Andrew

Use mobile phone signal jammers to maintain order in the examination room and combat new forms of cheating

With the popularization of the examination system, our life is inseparable from various examinations, ranging from mock exams to entrance exams, adult exams, professional title exams... In order to pass the exams, various cheating methods emerge in endlessly, and there are also many kinds of cheating methods. Less new forms of high-tech cheating tools, such as WeChat phones, mini in-ear Bluetooth headsets, and more. Many candidates could not stand the temptation and were repeatedly deceived. Today, more and more schools are using signal jammers in exam rooms to combat new forms of cheating.

Many schools have to prepare for the exam every year, such as the setting and layout of the classroom, staffing, and how to stabilize the order of the exam room, which makes it more difficult for the school. What is troubling is that the current "high-tech" cheating methods are rampant, and schools are often difficult to deal with, because the principles and methods of these "high-tech" are different.

At present, a mobile phone jammer has appeared in front of colleges and universities, which can protect and effectively prohibit many aspects such as electronic signal cheating. So what is the working principle of the test room signal jammer?

In the face of "high technology" with different principles and methods, what method can be used to reject the interference of all these "high technologies"? First of all, let's look at the principle of "high technology". Although it is inevitable that signals will be sent and received by any means or methods in the examination room, the test room signal jammer creates a signal shielding area to prevent the transmission and reception of signals and isolate the signals.

The working principle of mobile phone signal interference in the examination room

The mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end at a certain speed during the working process. This scanning speed will cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent by the base station, so when the mobile phone tries to establish a connection with the base station, it cannot be established. The mobile phone shows phenomena such as searching the Internet, no mobile phone signal, and no service system.

In the uplink and downlink channels of the mobile phone system, frequency multiplication, frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other technologies are used to analyze the frequency that needs to be shielded, and according to the power of the shielding device, the spherical shielding space is automatically formed within a specified range to form a shielding magnetic field. Mobile phones (NTT Docomo, Softbank, AU By KDDI, eMobile, WILLCOM) are prohibited in this space.

When the mobile phone jammer is activated, the signal transmission and reception functions of the mobile phone can be disabled within the specified range, making it impossible to dial out and dial in, so as to achieve the purpose of mandatory prohibition.

The devices will eventually be installed by Italian authorities throughout Italian schools to prevent students from using their phones to cheat during exams. Ryan said the device was very successful during testing. Some schools in Italy also plan to open the devices at inconvenient times. Because the wifi jammer is turned on all day, the normal communication of the teachers may also be interrupted, which makes the teachers unhappy. "Minimize the impact," Raine said. For example, schools must turn off devices at noon.

What are the characteristics of the signal jammer in the examination room?

1. This signal jammer is small in size and takes up little space. In addition, since the shell is made of metal, it is well protected and has good heat dissipation and moisture resistance.

2. The test room signal jammer blocks different numbers of mobile phone signals.

3. The test room signal blocker is designed to shield the test signal, and the shielding is more accurate. It will not shield the signals of other electronic devices, reducing the chance of false interference. In addition, the use of signal jammers in the examination room will not endanger the lives of teachers and students in the examination room. It does not contain radiation, so there is nothing to worry about.

The mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room has its own characteristics, unlike the prison signal jammer. First of all, the working time is usually 2-3 hours, and it does not need to run 24 hours like a prison signal jammer, thereby reducing heat dissipation requirements. Secondly, the education industry generally has a low budget and has high requirements for cost-effective products.