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With the advent of the age of intelligence, various high-tech electronic products have been invented. But they are all inseparable from electronic signals, and must use cellular signals, wifi signals, bluetooth signals, GPS signals... and other electronic signals to achieve various magical functions, such as transmitting data, voice and video through cellular signals; through Wifi signals And Bluetooth to achieve wireless Internet access and wireless data transmission; navigation and positioning through GPS signals; these bring great convenience to people.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, which is why signal jammers exist. Excessive dependence can lead to adverse consequences. Long-term use of mobile phones will visually tire the eyes and cause poor vision. Overuse may even lead to temporary blindness. The combination of work and rest is very important. If you only do one thing for a long time, it will not only cause visual fatigue, but also cause psychological damage, and the same is true in our lives.

Frequency scramblers can help you when you don't need these electronic products, block external signal disturbances, and allow you to get a proper rest. More importantly, it protects your privacy, prevents being tracked, and keeps your important data and property safe.

CAESAr NG with high power signal jammers
31 Dec. 2022

Lithuania has signed an order with French Nexter for 18 CAESAr NG with high power signal jammers

The CAESAr NG was an order from the Armed Forces last February and it will benefit from enhanced protection with a level 2 armored cabin, improved fire control software, high power signal jammers against IEDs [EEI or IED] BARAGE[ Supplied by Thales], CONTACT radio, new chassis, automatic gearbox and twice the power of the engine [460 CV vs. 215 CV for the current version of the CAESAr].

electronic jammer Protect Yourself and your house
30 Dec. 2022

The Simple Way to Protect Yourself in the Future - electronic jammer

The first element we must consider in the future is this: You should always be ready to protect yourself. Then it is convenient and quick. For example, you can use special electronic jammer. Such devices allow you to reduce the risk of intrusion by strangers, protect personal data and optimize many tasks according to security requirements. Now you can use the technology of the future.

High quality signal scrambler for school
27 Dec. 2022

Buy a high-quality signal scrambler to make up for the shortcomings of mobile phones

As we all know, with the development of the Internet, more and more customers shop online. Devices that block cell phone communications are becoming more popular. These high-quality signal scrambler can be installed in any location deemed beneficial to the public welfare, protecting areas where cell phone, wifi or GPS signals are not needed.

Signal jammer in the 2022 World Cup
26 Dec. 2022

Active application of signal jammer in the 2022 World Cup and concerts

Many countries are following this activity. In order to prevent the event from being affected by drones, in this critical situation, the organizers use drone signal jammer to ensure the smooth progress of the event and the safety of the audience.

Portable radio signal blocker
26 Dec. 2022

The Radio signal blocker that block signal transmission could make a big difference in our lives

What is the sense of security living alone? It is the guarantee of a quiet and peaceful life. Can RF Blocker ensure complete security in all areas? There are a few ways to help protect confidential information. The multifunctional radio signal blocker is a new type of high-tech information security product researched and developed.

French Navy frigate with signal jamming tools
23 Dec. 2022

Covert Electronic Warfare: The Confrontation Between Listening and Signal Jamming

Our system will detect this emission and emit a jamming frequency before the receiver has had time to integrate this remote, so it will prevent the explosive device from detonating.

multi-functional high power signal blocker
22 Dec. 2022

Why are multi-functional high power signal blocker soaring in popularity recently?

When buying a smartphone jammer, many people will buy a high power signal blocker. In fact, some people don't know whether such a signal jammer is good or not, so they make some wrong choices. Are these products good? After understanding some relevant knowledge, some relevant plans were formulated. Avoid influencing future purchase results.

cellular signal jammer provides VIP protection
22 Dec. 2022

The Cellular signal jammer provides VIP protection for different users

Designers use special advanced technical means to develop a cellular signal jammer that shields telephone signals, which can achieve the purpose of forcibly disabling mobile phones within a specified range. In addition, this high-tech product is also a convenient item that does not interfere with other electronic devices.

high quality signal blockers
9 Dec. 2022

The High quality signal blocker allows you to fully enjoy your leisure time

Our high quality signal blockers can block signals in specific frequency bands or customize signals with multiple functions. You just need to tell us your needs, and we will provide you with the best recommendation.

Powerful Mobile phone and WiFi signal jammers
7 Dec. 2022

Why does Boss need signal blocker that can block cell phone and WIFI signals?

To prevent these problems from happening, cell phone cellular frequencies and WiFi networks should be cut off - cell phone jammers will be very helpful for bosses to get rid of them. Mobile phone and WiFi jammers can be installed in offices, conference rooms, workshops and other places to allow employees to focus more on their work and improve work efficiency.

High power Cell phone signal interrupter
7 Dec. 2022

Misunderstood signal interrupters have many positive roles in life

When someone hears about cell phone jammers, you may initially have an overall negative impression. After all, why would anyone want to cut off communications for cell phone users? In fact, there are many reasons to consider using a mobile phone signal interrupter, and they apply to a variety of different situations.

self-made signal scramblers
5 Dec. 2022

Basic knowledge of self-made signal scramblers, and what determines the signal shielding ability?

Lately, the internet has been paying more and more attention to signal scramblers, especially how to create your own. Jammermfg and our R&D team decided to make our own guide. It's important to remember that building such a complex instrument is very difficult and requires specialized electronics skills and knowledge.

Powerful signal jammer Car
26 Nov. 2022

What is the function of the antenna on the roof of the signal jammer car at the PM’s office?

This security vehicle has two main functions. First, provide communication relay. Second, provide a signal jammer. At a specific time, it can provide signal protection by interfering with mobile phone, wifi, gps, RF and other signals to prevent bad guys from using mobile phone or RF (radio frequency) signals to detonate bombs, or to prevent signal leakage from being ambushed...

Powerful Radio Jammer
22 Nov. 2022

Jammermfg online-shop provides useful UHF/VHF radio jammer

I believe everyone is familiar with radio, but when it comes to radio jammers, many people may only see them in science fiction TV movies. Some people may ask, are radio jammers and mobile phone jammers the same thing?

jamming modules and antennas of signal jammer device
8 Nov. 2022

What's wrong with the signal jammer's jamming module and antenna mismatch?

If you have been exposed to signal jammers or have knowledge about signal jammers, you will know that mobile phone signal jamming devices are composed of jamming modules and jamming antennas of different frequencies. Correspondingly, if the installation is wrong and there is no corresponding match, what problems will there be?

18 Bands signal blocker
8 Nov. 2022

Why do the current signal blocker use the mode of frequency sweeping and then jamming to jam the signal?

The communication principle of the signal blocker, the jammer device scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end at a certain speed during the working process. The scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station...

frequency jammers increase security
5 Nov. 2022

Attack on Pakistani leader: Some of them survived because of frequency jammers

Former Pakistani president and dictator Pervez Musharraf has been attacked several times. The first attack occurred in 2000, and Musharraf survived. The second attack took place in Rawalpindi on 14 December 2003, but the bombs placed against him did not detonate due to frequency jammers installed in his car.

testing the effect of the signal scrambler
4 Nov. 2022

When testing the effect of the signal scrambler to interfere with the remote control, what should be paid attention to?

In many sensitive locations where flying is not allowed, signal scramblers are often used for defense by jamming the drone's remote control signal. The interference effect on the remote control signal is generally tested in advance before use. What matters should be paid attention to when testing?

Russians drones jammed by signal jamming devices
18 Oct. 2022

Arms treaty between Moscow and Tehran: Swap drones and missiles for jets

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly ruled out supplies to the warring parties, but images of the attack in Ukraine documented the use of hundreds of Iranian drones. They almost never have GPS satellite guidance devices, which can be jammed by signal jamming devices, but some have other mechanisms to maintain a designated route.

Large-scale plagiarism because of no mobile phone signal jammers
17 Oct. 2022

Large-scale plagiarism found in Gaya's police recruitment test because no signal jammers were installed in the exam room

In Gaya's police recruitment test, 40 candidates took advantage of the fact that none of the test centers installed mobile phone signal jammers and brought mobile communication devices or Bluetooth devices into the test center hidden in their ears, and contacted the solver, which was found to be plagiarism.

4G signal jammers
17 Oct. 2022

How 4G Blocker Works and Why It's Banned in certain areas

A 4G signal jammer is a device that disrupts radio connections such as cell phone networks, Wifi or GPS by emitting radio waves. Strictly speaking, it's a radio frequency (RF) transmitter that transmits a radio signal on the same (or similar) frequency as GSM, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc...

signal jammers in Myanmar's Sagaing province
15 Oct. 2022

A military vehicle equipped with signal Jammers in Myanmar's Sagaing province was hit by a mine

The attack was carried out with 4 mines that were fired and ready," said BHA officials, a local defense group Braveheart. "The bottom tire of the car with signal blocker (remote circuit breaker) was blown open and Damaged. These jammers are also damaged and therefore unusable...

Construction materials cause wifi signal jamming
13 Oct. 2022

How to Identify and Reduce WiFi Signal Jamming

As the number of wireless devices in the environment continues to increase, wireless signal Jamming becomes an issue that affects connection stability and overall performance, so it is important to understand what is causing the wifi signal Jamming so that you can effectively reduce it and enhance wireless performance.

The explosion of the Crimea bridge and signal jamming equipment
9 Oct. 2022

The explosion of the Crimea bridge, the fuse of the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict?

In addition to signal jamming equipment, according to Russian media reports, a variety of air defense systems are deployed near the Crimea Bridge, patrol boats on the water surface, and even trained military dolphins underwater.

Anti eavesdropping devices - signal Jammers
8 Oct. 2022

How to avoid covert eavesdropping devices to win in cutthroat business competition

In actual work, after the eavesdropping equipment is found, the eavesdropped party often does not choose to call the police, but uses signal jammers at special times, and will deliberately leak false information to induce competitors to make wrong judgments...

High Court orders all prisons to install frequency jammer
28 Sep. 2022

Mobile phone use in Punjab prisons abounds, High Court asks government to install frequency jammers in all prisons in the state

The high court commented that in the 5G era, the Punjab government could not even install 4G frequency jammer. This undoubtedly provides opportunities for prison gangsters to commit crimes and strongly requires all prisons to install cell phone signal scrambler to combat criminal activities.

High Power signal jammer block drones
26 Sep. 2022

What are the ways to jam drones? See how drones can be used for traffic management!

This drone jaming shield has an electronic jammer installed inside. Once the power switch is turned on, the high-power signal jammer will send a full-band jamming signal to the drone, so that the drone is out of the control of the operator and cannot receive the control signal. Automatically land on the ground.

Cell phone signal Jammer
17 Aug. 2022

Why do people choose to buy Cell Phone signal jammers? Is it legal?

Phone blocker are the easiest and most cost-effective solution to preventing unwanted surveillance. From protecting your information to protecting your privacy, cell phone signal jammers are very useful.

Buying Signal jammers protects date safe
17 Aug. 2022

What should I pay attention to when buying signal jammers at jammermfg.com online-shop?

If you are considering buying a signal jammer from jammermfg.com, here are some factors you need to consider before buying a jammer to avoid buying a jammer that doesn't fit.