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22 Dec. 2022 Andrew

The Cellular signal jammer provides VIP protection for different users

cellular signal jammer provides VIP protection

Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. The security of mobile phone communication has become a new challenge. In recent years, major accidents such as cheating in exams and gas station explosions have occurred from time to time. Designers use special advanced technical means to develop a cellular signal jammer that shields telephone signals, which can achieve the purpose of forcibly disabling mobile phones within a specified range. In addition, this high-tech product is also a convenient item that does not interfere with other electronic devices.

Different locations use phone jammers for different purposes. Using a cellular jammer during business meetings can protect personal data and confidential information. Hospitals use mobile phone jamming devices to create restful environments for patients. Security agencies and governments use signal jammers to prevent cybercrime and online fraud from happening. In the library, readers can enjoy a comfortable environment with a cellular blocker. In addition, cell phone jammers can help increase productivity and can be used in places such as individuals and private institutions.

There are various signals in the living environment. Signal strength varies. Once you know the signal strength in your location, you can customize and deploy your jammer. It is necessary to know the status of the base stations around the location where the mobile jammer is installed and the distance from the base stations. In most cities, base stations are built in many high-rise buildings. Built on towers in suburban or rural areas. The survey instrument can record the signal strength of multiple points in indoor and outdoor scenes in detail.

According to the research results, it is reasonable to place jammers for different signals to achieve ideal conditions. Careful consideration must be given to the impact of non-disruptive ranges. During actual installation, directional antennas are preferred in areas with strong signals. Install the antenna unit along the direction of the base station. Use the installation order from top to bottom to obtain the shielding effect of wifi interference. Since the top signal is better than the bottom, we need to consider the height of the interception position.

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