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Why do we need to use GPS Scrambler?

As GPS technology develops day by day, GPS tracking devices are becoming more and more difficult to guard against. Tracking equipment used by spies and agents is now available on the Internet. More and more people are using GPS's location function to commit crimes. We often see spies in movies installing GPS trackers on their cars. In fact, it has become a reality. Once tracked, property and even personal safety are at risk, which is why we need GPS blocker.

How does GPS locate?

GPS positioning technology captures the position through three or more stationary satellites, and analyzes and calculates the precise position for positioning, and then marks it on the map.

Tracker signal transmission and reception can be blocked by GPS Tracker jammers. When the GPS Tracking jammer is turned on, the location signal of the tracker will not be updated at the previous moment, and the locator will display the location where you turned on the jammer, and it cannot continue to capture your location information and upload it to the terminal.

Almost all cars, trucks, buses, vans, boats are monitored and tracked by GPS devices, which is understandable in terms of security. Some people don't want their private information to be leaked everywhere by GPS. To prevent being tracked by GPS devices, we recommend that you turn on the GPS signal blocker while driving.

SUV thefts use car remote control jammer to steal cars
31 Dec. 2022

SUV theft is exploding in Belgium, here's how to protect yourself

Police districts have seen a veritable explosion in SUV thefts for months. When the car owner got out of the car and wanted to lock the car, someone nearby used a car remote control jammer to block the signal from the remote control to lock the car.

Portable GPS blocker protect personal location privacy
27 Dec. 2022

Portable GPS blockers are gradually in the hands of civilians to protect their personal location privacy

Portable GPS Blocker protects your privacy from GPS tracking apps. It is a necessary equipment for drivers. I want to use it so as not to disturb anyone outside the party. It does not affect the normal use of electronic devices such as mobile phones during work. You should buy a GPS Jammer. Due to its small size, light weight, and easy portability, it can protect your location information at any time.

GPS signal jamming in Russia
16 Dec. 2022

According to GPSJam, there are GPS signal jamming in several cities in Russia

GPSJam, a site that monitors GPS signal jamming in real time, has reported GPS-related problems; since early December, the site has highlighted the Saratov metropolitan area, Volgograd and Penza, as well as other cities in eastern Russia and distances from the border Hundreds of kilometers of GPS interference are increasing with Ukraine.

Portable Tracker Jammer
6 Dec. 2022

How to Protect Yourself From being tracked by GPS Trackers? - Tracker Jammer

If you want to protect your privacy and guard your location information, you may need to invest in a suitable GPS Tracking jammer to protect your privacy. A good Tracker jammer can help solve a lot of problems!

Car GPS jammer avoids distracted driving
29 Nov. 2022

Car GPS jammer solves distracted driving and can reduce accidents

Are calls and messages on this phone more important than your life or the lives of other people on the street? Therefore, install a Car GPS jammer in the car to avoid distracted driving. Let you feel safe and comfortable on the road.

GPS Tracking jammers Against Hidden GPS Trackers
25 Nov. 2022

The GPS Tracking Jammer - Your Best Tool Against Hidden GPS Trackers

GPS Tracker jammers are still currently the easiest and most effective way to combat trackers, as well as the most economical solution. For most consumers, GPS jammers are good, useful life companions and protection tools.

Anti Tracking device - GPS Scrambler
22 Nov. 2022

The GPS Signal Scrambler prevents tracking and improves security

If you think someone is tracking your location, we have tools like a GPS jammer for you. Stop others from recording every minute of your private conversations and seeing your location. So if you want to make sure you and your privacy are protected, then GPS Scrambler is just what you need. With this device, all enemies will not compromise your privacy.

GPS signal jammer and GPS Tracker
10 Nov. 2022

Application of GPS signal jammer and GPS Tracker: Why You Need to Use GPS Tracking Jammer to Jam GPS Tracker

Now GPS navigation and GPS positioning functions greatly facilitates people's travel and greatly reduces the risk of getting lost and going the wrong way. But sometimes the GPS positioning function will also bring bad results. For example, some criminals use the GPS positioning function tracker to commit crimes. At this time, the GPS signal jammer can play its role.

GPS scramblers block the signal transmission and reception of GPS Tracker
1 Nov. 2022

How do GPS signal scramblers intercept tracker signals? Where is it commonly used?

A GPS scrambler is a jamming device invented to prevent being tracked by a GPS tracker. It can protect your location information. gps tracker jammer works by interfering with signal transmissions from satellites to GPS devices. Signal blockers create jamming patterns through signal transmissions similar to GPS devices, but with less range and more power.

Naples man was caught for using GPS jammer to steal car
6 Oct. 2022

Naples man, 61, caught for using GPS blocker to steal car and escape

Naples man used hex bolts to force open the doors and blocked the signal by using a GPS signal jammer to steal the truck, according to his confession that the GPS blocker and 40 euros was found in the car. The man, a 61-year-old Neapolitan with a police history, was arrested for aggravated theft.

GPS jamming near the Russian-Ukrainian
24 Sep. 2022

Increased GPS jamming due to Russian-Ukrainian war

And GPS jammer usually work by using a large number of radio antennas that emit radio "noise" to block certain signals. Russia has also been trying to jam broadband signals from SpaceX's Starlink internet satellites to Ukraine via GPS jammers, according to company founder and CEO Elon Musk.

GPS signal blocker in the Korea Defense Industry Exhibition 2022
23 Sep. 2022

Changwon Hyundai Rotem STX engine equipped with a GPS signal blocker, Korea Defense Industry Exhibition

Hyundai Rotem will showcase a model of a multi-purpose unmanned vehicle equipped with a GPS signal blocker as a future weapon system and a DOSS (Daunted Action in Service and Search) model, a multi-legged complex actuated futuristic ground platform.