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Powerful signal jammers with 15-30m jamming range

Affordable 15-30m jamming range powerful signal jammer

A Frequency jammer with a jamming radius of 15-30M can affect a farther range. Meaning it gives you better protection and you don't have to worry about spying on your device or tracking your device. Of course, their functions are not only these, these cell jammer can be used in schools, churches, libraries, conference rooms, media rooms, etc., to ensure that the quiet is not disturbed and the test is fair and impartial. It can also be used in gas stations, theaters, hospitals and other places that need quiet and shielded signals. We have developed different jammers to deal with different usage scenarios, which can meet the needs of most people. There are many stylish portable or desktop mobile phone/GPS/WiFi/UHF/VHF jammers for you to choose, and you can take them away if you like Your Signal Scrambler!