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15 Sep. 2022 Andrew

Signal Blockers for Different Purposes from Jammermfg.com online-shop

In Jammermfg.com jammer store, we have listed various styles of frequency jamming equipment, which can deal with different scenarios and different frequency signal jamming solutions. If you're looking for an electronic device to jam your cell phone, WIFI, GPS, drone or remote control signal, you've come to the right place, jammermfg definitely has the jammer product for you, learn more about our most popular cell phones below Jammer info:

Cellular jammer

Cell Phone signal jammers are the most common signal jammers, it also includes 5G, 4G, 3G, GSM cell phone blockers. With the popularization of mobile phones, it has brought great communication convenience to people, but it has also disturbed some people in some places. For example, places that need quiet and do not need cellular signals, sudden ringing of incoming calls, using mobile phones to cheat in the test room affect the fairness of the test, etc. Mobile phone blockers undoubtedly play a very active and effective role in these places. It interferes with reception and transmission from cellular signals by sending the same cellular frequency to cell phone base stations.

Wifi Jammer Blocker

The wifi jammer uses the wifi 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G frequency to interfere with the electronic devices that use these frequency bands, such as Bluetooth devices, wireless routers, wireless cameras, drones, etc. It is also widely used in life, allowing you to Protect your privacy and data from hackers, wireless camera snooping and eavesdropping. If you are concerned about being eavesdropped or monitored by spy devices, purchasing a useful wifi blocker is definitely the easiest and most effective defense.

GPS signal jammer

If you feel your privacy is being violated or your security is at risk, a GPS jammer is a tool that prevents GPS devices from performing precise positioning, designed to prevent GPS devices from communicating with satellites, prevent your location from being monitored or steal. In reality, GPS jammers are very effective at stopping criminals' tracking devices. You can even stop stalkers, criminals, corporations and jealous partners from using GPS devices against you.

Drone jammer

The ubiquitous drone enthusiasts fly their drones high in the sky and can enjoy all kinds of beauty through the drone's god's perspective. This is undoubtedly a particularly useful invention, but some people with unethical and bad intentions have Use it to satisfy their psychological filth, use it to peep; conduct commercial theft, and even carry dangerous goods, drugs, and explosives to commit crimes. Our Handheld Drone Jammer, Drone Jamming Gun Jamming Shield is specially designed to ban drones from flying in private airspace, allowing them to lose control and return to flight or make an emergency landing within the range.

Remote control jammer

Simply put, it can interfere with the remote control for remote control, which is especially useful in special places. For example, the police prevent terrorists from detonating bombs remotely.

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