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17 Oct. 2022 Andrew

Large-scale plagiarism found in Gaya's police recruitment test because no signal jammers were installed in the exam room

In Gaya's police recruitment test, 40 candidates took advantage of the fact that none of the test centers installed mobile phone signal jammers and brought mobile communication devices or Bluetooth devices into the test center hidden in their ears, and contacted the solver, which was found to be plagiarism. Bluetooth devices are also found near most of these test centers. Such a large number of bluetooth devices shows that there is a lot of deception and unfairness in this police examination!

Large-scale plagiarism because of no mobile phone signal jammers

Munna Bhai Takes Police Recruitment Exam

The Police Recruitment Examination by the Central Selection Committee is conducted at 12 examination centres in Gaya city. The recruitment was organised for the appointment of Prohibition Police officers in the Prohibition Tax and Registration Division. However, candidates took advantage of the absence of cell phone jammers at any of the city's 12 test centers. Forty candidates were found in contact with the solver by hiding a mobile communication device or a Bluetooth device in their ears. Bluetooth is also found near most of them.

Many people said that placing such a large number of Bluetooth devices near candidates indicates that this is a big scam. Police have intensified their investigation by opening cases at different police stations in the city. Cell phones, bluetooth, earbuds containing several SIM cards that look like ATM cards have been recovered from candidates.

ADM Manoj Kumar is the head of the exam

The Senior Deputy Warden and Additional District Magistrate was appointed as the person in charge of the examinations. Two flying class magistrates, five district magistrates, ten female Ding magistrates, and ten male Ding magistrates were appointed to conduct peaceful and innocent examinations. In addition to this, a large number of police and troops were dispatched.

equipment seen in x-ray

Candidates caught from T Model Inter School engage with the solver by placing electronics in their ears. But the person who made the video told the invigilator a whisper of his conversation with the problem solver. The candidate was sent to the Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College cum Hospital on instructions from officials and preliminary investigations. Where the ENT doctor was looking at the imaging X-ray machine, he found a small Bluetooth device placed in front of the eardrum. Doctor took it out.

In the 67th preliminary examination of the Bihar State Public Service Commission, the leak of papers at Delhi Gayaram Sharan Singh's night school has not yet cooled down, and the large-scale plagiarism of candidates when recruiting police officers has once again made headlines.