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20 Oct. 2022 Andrew

How to choose a Cell Phone jammer Device for conference rooms

cell phone signal jammers for meeting rooms

In order not to be interrupted by the sudden ringing of the mobile phone during the meeting, or for the participants to concentrate on listening to the content of the meeting, and to prevent the content of the meeting from being leaked, it is a very wise choice to use a mobile phone signal blocker in the conference room.

The question is comming: what factors need to be paid attention to when using cell phone signal jammers in conference rooms? How to choose a conference room phone jammer?

What factors need to be paid attention to when using Cell phone jammers in conference rooms?

1. The signal strength of the conference room

The so-called signal strength, that is, the strength of the base station signal that the mobile phone can receive in the conference room, can generally be measured by a spectrum analyzer; ordinary users do not have this measuring equipment. You can also download some auxiliary software, such as cellular, to check the signal condition of the base station; if none of the above, you can preliminarily define the signal strength by observing whether there is a communication base station nearby, the distance from the base station, and whether there is a signal distribution in the conference room;

The observation of signal strength is mainly used to select a mobile phone signal jammer with appropriate power. If the signal is normal, you can use a low-power cell phone signal jammer; if the signal is super strong, you need to use a high-power signal jammer.

2. The size of the conference room

Whether the conference room has a wall partition, whether the conference room is large or small, is also an important factor in choosing a mobile phone signal blocker device. Like wifi, the shielded signal will weaken when it passes through the wall; generally speaking, for conference rooms without partitions It is relatively easy to arrange a mobile phone signal isolator; if there is a partition, you need to consider adjusting the angle of the shield placement or use multiple shielding devices to deal with it. For 20-50 square meters of barrier-free small conference rooms, generally low-power jammers can handle it.

In general, the above two factors determine the choice of the power of the cell phone signal jammers in the conference room, which is also the first factor to be considered when choosing a jammer.

After determining the above factors, how to choose a conference room cell phone jamming device?

According to the style selection of cell phone jammer device, cell phone jammers can be divided into portable jammers and desktop jammming device, built-in antenna jammers and external antenna jammers.

The advantage of choosing a portable jammer is that it is easy to move, easy to carry, and has strong mobility; desktop jammers are fixed in a certain location, just like a wifi router, and it is not recommended to move frequently. Its advantage is that the interference performance is stable , the interference distance is longer. Therefore, we generally recommend the use of fixed cell phone signal jamming device in conference rooms.

The advantage of choosing the built-in antenna is that if the cell phone jamming device is fixed in the conference room, the anti-destructive ability of the built-in antenna is better than that of the external antenna. The external antenna is exposed outside, and it is easy to accidentally bump the antenna during the transfer process. If the antenna is damaged, the shielded signal of the cell phone signal jammer cannot be transmitted normally, thus losing the function of shielding the mobile phone signal. In addition, the built-in antenna is more beautiful than the external antenna, and it does not feel very awkward to install in the conference room.

Excluding intentional damage, if it is fixedly installed in one location, this kind of conference room mobile phone signal shielding device with external antenna will have better effect, easier troubleshooting, and the price is often lower, which is relatively economical.

All in all, in terms of performance and price, choosing cell phone jamming devices with external antennas are more suitable for conference rooms, but if you care about the beauty of the conference room and don’t care about the slight cost difference, you can also choose the Fixed cell phone jamming equipment with built-in antenna.