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9 Nov. 2022 Andrew

Two men in Giulia, Campania suppress radio theft with phone blockers

Two men theft with phone blockers

On November 8, state police arrested a 19-year-old and a 33-year-old man in Giuliano, Campania, for their involvement in the robbery of a jewelry store in Aversa on July 20 last year.

Police learned from an investigation of internal video surveillance cameras that gangsters had drilled holes in the store's ground and used Phone blockers to suppress radio and phone communications, stealing jewelry and other valuables, including Rolex watches worn by customers. Worth about 300,000 euros, locked the owner and customers in the jewelry store, and finally escaped the sewers through the tunnel that had been dug earlier.

Analyses of the investigation coordinated by the Prosecutor's Office of Northern Naples, the group consisted of five criminals who managed to reach the floor of the jewelry store by digging into the area's sewer system.

The images from the internal video surveillance cameras and the assistance of the forensic examination were decisive for the beginning of the identification of the perpetrators, which made it possible to find the bloodstains of the suspects, after a cross-regional screening of the Naples forensic medicine compared with the national database, the identification of those from Giuliano A 33 year old male.

During the search of him, the Caserta Mobile Squad and the police of Giugliano Commissariat found items in the home of a 19-year-old boy that may have been used during the shooting, or materials useful for excavation, such as flashlights and other tools, pistol ammunition, Rifles, two-way radios, phone signal jammers to suppress radio and telephone communications;

Police formally arrested two men.