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26 Dec. 2022 Andrew

Do you support installing cell phone jammer in libraries to avoid being disturbed?

cell phone jammer being installed in libraries

Many people react differently to new technology. Mobile phone blocking devices are becoming more and more popular and are used to protect public places, businesses, personal privacy protection and more. But there are also different opinions. Many people think that it will block emergency calls. Therefore, it is not allowed by the laws of many countries.

Recently received a complaint at a library. Some people answer the phone loudly in the library, with no regard for other people's feelings. Repeated persuasion still did not work. Some have suggested installing Cell phone signal jammers in libraries to stop rude people from answering calls in libraries.

But citizens reacted differently to installing cell phone jammers in libraries. Many people get annoyed when their cell phone rings while reading a book. In order to ensure the quietness of the building, it is recommended that the administrator spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a mobile phone signal jammer and install it in the library. It is a jamming device that can block GSM/3G/4G/5G mobile phone signals and prevent the library from receiving calls. When the mobile phone leaves the shielding range, the mobile phone can be used normally.

But some people have different views. Due to the jammers installed in some areas of the library, some people think that it may affect emergency calls. Still others believe that libraries should not limit readers' freedom to communicate on their mobile phones.

What do you think about the use of distracting devices in libraries? Do you support it?

In fact, I think it is very good to install mobile signal jammers in the library to create a quiet reading and learning environment for readers. In fact, at the entrance of some libraries in life, you may find a sign that says "Mobile phone signal is blocked". It shows that there are signal jammers installed inside, and the learning atmosphere there is generally better than other libraries that do not have signal jammers installed, which is one of the reasons I support the installation of signal jammers; another reason is that some people think that mobile phone jammers It will block emergency calls. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Emergency calls actually use different signal frequencies. Therefore, mobile phone jammers generally do not interfere with emergency calls. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this.