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19 Oct. 2022 Andrew

With the high-tech technical support of CCTV cameras and mobile jammers, the UPSSSC exam ended successfully

mobile jammer in the test room

The two-day UPSSSC exam finally ended on Sunday. As on the first day, the test papers on the second day went well, but candidates had to face the crowds to get home. This can be measured in terms of air conditioning and the fact that there is competition for every seat in parcel carriages on trains to buses. Speaking of the shuttle express, many candidates did not board the train, which increased the nervousness of railway officials.

As soon as the exam is over, candidates arrive directly at Charbagh Railway Station. Here, trains to Banaras, Praia Graj and Bihar are the most crowded. Therefore, the average passenger on the train has to face a lot of problems. Likewise, a large crowd of candidates was seen at Alambagh and Charbagh bus stations.

DM Suryapal Gangwar suddenly arrived at Prakash Bal Vidya Mandir Inter College Exam Centre in Gomti Nagar in the first shift and checked KKC Inter College, Bappa Narayan Vocational Girls Inter College and AP Sen Memorial Girls College in Charbagh in the second shift. He also inspected the control rooms set up at each test center. From the control room, the DM also monitors the exam room through live feeds from CCTV cameras. The DM said that department magistrates and district magistrates also have a duty to conduct exams peacefully and not to plagiarize. At the same time, all centers also ensure the placement of mobile jammer. Each test room should have fewer seats than its capacity to maintain social distancing. At the same time, drinking water and other facilities are also arranged for candidates in all test centers.

Student statement:

A higher number of puzzles on the exam was expected, but it did not happen. It was a relief to see the questions when the exam papers were handed out. My answering went well.

-Preeti Pathak, Lucknow

From home to the exam room, I had to face a lot of problems, but because the exam papers were good, I forgot all my troubles. Will now wait for the result.

-Kundan Verma, Balabangi

Questions were asked around what was read. My answer sheet is also going well. There are some issues with the graph, but overall it is possible to score better.

-Vinai Kumar, Ambedkar Nagar

The charts did add tension, but the rest of the answer sheet went well. According to the effort, the problem comes. Now waiting for the results to come.

-Ansika Yadav, Ambedkar Nagar