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Reviews about Best Selling 8 Bands Cell Phone Jammer

I am very satisfied with this cell phone jammer. Quite a good deal, the first time I've been surprised with a product for such a small amount of money. Thank you so much, I will buy it again if I need it!

Reviews about Best-selling 5G Phone Scrambler with LCD display

It has been 2 weeks since I received the product, and the product is running normally. Every interference frequency band has been tested, and it meets expectations. It is a great 5G jammer!

Reviews on Cost Effective 8 Antenna Mobile Phone Jamming device

This is a very cost-effective jammer, which can block the latest 5G mobile phone signal, and the effect is also very good, it is worth preparing one.

Reviews on Popular Sky Blue Handheld Full Function Anti GPS Tracking jammer

This GPS Tracking jammer are really cool. Good quality, great range!

Best Selling Gold Handheld 5 Antenna GSM Jammer Reviews

I bought one that can interfere with CDMA, DCS/PHS, 3G, 4G, and WiFi. It is mainly used to control the time my baby plays with the phone. I reached an agreement with my baby in advance to stop using the phone after 22:00, but there are too many in the phone. The temptation makes her always unable to stop. This cell phone scrambler is very useful, so that I don't have to worry about my children and affect our relationship.

Reviews on World's Newest hand-held 5G Phone Jammer with 24 Antennas

This is a very useful and powerful Portable Phone Jammer. I use it to block GPS 3G 4G 5G WiFi signal. It works well, but I wish I could get a discount in the future! I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks! ! !

High Quality Full band Cell Phone jamming device with 22 Bands Reviews

I bought it to prevent students from cheating in exams, and the effect is amazing. In the exam room, the mobile phone is in a state of no signal, which is very powerful!

Reviews about Handheld 4 Antennas Wifi Bluetooth Camera Audio signal Jammer

A fairly small anti-spy device that can interfere with wireless cameras and recording devices, and it works well.

Upgraded Handheld 8 Antennas Cell Phone GPS Scrambler Reviews

I bought it to keep in my van and hated when someone told me where to run, this GPS scrambler did it for me and it was very useful. recommend it!

Reviews on Portable 3-antenna Cars Drones remote control signal jammers

I really hate being switched channels while watching a football game. This remote control jammer helped me, thanks to the seller.

Affordable Desktop 8 Antennas Cell Phone Jammer Device Reviews

Trusted seller, this is my second time buying jammers here, the product is as good as ever, I recommend it!!!

Latest Reviews on Hand-held 16 Antennas 5G 4G 3G 2G Cell Phone Signal blockers

I've wanted to buy this all-in-one portable 5G scrambler for a long time. At first, I thought it was a bit expensive. But when I calculated how much it would cost to buy a 5G jammer, a GSM jammer, and a WiFi jammer, I found that the budget was more. So I picked it up and it's been working great for 3 months so far, I hope it helps more friends like it helped me!

Latest Reviews on Silver Portable 6 Antennas 4G Phone jammer

The 4G jammers offered by the seller are of good quality, no deception. A very trustworthy seller!

Latest Reviews on Hidden 16 Antennas Mobile Phone blocker WiFi 2.4G/5G, GPS, UHF/VHF All-in-One Signal Jammer

I received the cellular jammer and it even arrived two days earlier than expected. After testing, it works better than expected. Very pleased with everything!

All Pocket 2.4GHz Wifi and Bluetooth signal blocker Reviews

I just received this Wi Fi jammer, it looks very Mini, it can jam wifi signal.

All Reviews on Cheap Desktop 6 Band GSM 3G 4G cell phone Wifi Signals blocker device

High quality GSM Jammer! it works well, 3G 4G CDMA GSM Wifi signal can't work on my phone!

Latest Handheld 10 Bands Cell Signal blocker Reviews

This product is great and works right away! It comes with a nice protective case and car charger. I highly recommend this cell signal blocker!

All Reviews about Camo Cellphone GPS WiFi Lojack signals Blocker

I'm a military fan and am very happy with this camo look cellphone jammer, just received the jammer and it's in perfect condition. Moderate size, easy to carry. Great product!

Reviews on New 6W 3 Antenna High Quality WiFi Jammer Blocker

The product is shipped very quickly, high-quality wifi signal jammer, friends in need can consider buying it.

All Reviews on Portable 2G 3G 4G Cell Phone GPS Wifi signal Jammers with 6 selectable frequency bands

I am amazed by this wonderful mobile phone signal jammer. In fact, this is exactly what I need. I was lucky to find this device. It works well.

Latest 12 Antennas Adjustable Power UHF VHF Jammer Reviews

I received this UHF blocker last week and tested it right away. I know that so far, it works very well and is very stable, and the heat dissipation of the device is also very good. After working continuously for such a long time, the temperature of the body is still normal.

Ultra Long Jamming Range Handheld UAV Jammer with LCD Display Reviews

This is a professional jammer manufacturer and seller. I bought a mobile phone jammer before, the quality is very good, and the price has an advantage in many online stores. I bought this UAVs jammer again and look forward to its performance!

All Reviews about High-performance 16 Antennas 5G signal Jamming device

Just received it, the product looks a bit bulky, but the jamming works well. Neighbors about 50-60M away are affected, a good high power jammer product.

Portable drone signal blocker with built-in 3 antennas Reviews

This is the cheapest drone jammer I've found, and it's a safe buy that's been proven to work.

Anti-cheating Cell phone jammers for exam-rooms Reviews

I bought it to control the time my child uses the Internet. He is an unruly person. This jammer for cell phones is very helpful to me. Thank you very much.

Reviews on latest Portable GPS Jammer in Power Bank shaped

The merchant told me that the Portable GPS Jammer can only interfere with some low-end trackers and GPS devices that use GPS L1 signals. This is indeed the case, so buy carefully. It is recommended to confirm the frequency you need to interfere with before buying.

All Reviews about High Power Signal scrambler with 12 Antennas

The high power signal jammer worked great, my phone's signal disappeared and they couldn't pinpoint my location through the phone anymore.

All Reviews about New Portable Anti-Recording jammer with power bank

As soon as I received the product, I couldn't wait to test it. As described on the website, the recording device could not record my conversation at all. It is a very good Anti Recording jammer, thank you to the seller!