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Jamming Devices with jamming radius of 50-100 meters

Large range signal jammer with jamming radius of 50-100 meters for sale

Are you still worried about the pervasive commercial espionage, network hackers and drones? Jammermfg.com has developed a variety of large-scale signal jammers for this purpose, such as powerful desktop signal jammers and professional drone jammers, which can interfere with 50-100M mobile phones, wifi, GPS, drone frequencies Signals are often used in large theaters, large commercial secret areas, scientific research sites, industries, prisons and other places that need to be protected.

In addition, the large range Phone blocking equipments sold by Jammermfg.com can be stored and carried in a hard case, and the compact, lightweight, fully mobile version can even be carried on foot, or mounted in vehicles and fixed locations. Provides more selectivity and greater adaptability for various users. If you need a signal jammer with a larger interference radius, welcome to buy or contact us.