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26 Nov. 2022 Andrew

What is the function of the antenna on the roof of the security car at the PM’s office?

A small video has been discussed recently on social media in Malaysia. This vehicle with black windows has a civil registration number and is equipped with an antenna field and a roof box on the roof rack. This black Volvo XC90 Driving into the Prime Minister's Office in Putrajaya, everyone was curious about the actual use of this car, and used their imaginations and guesses.

There have been many versions proposed about the function of this car, and we found a way to figure it out. "That car belonged to the police, more specifically VIP security, who was mainly using it to keep important people safe," our source said.

This security vehicle has two main functions. First, provide communication relay. It carries multiple high-powered signal transmitters, usually capable of operating in the UHF and VHF bands. It can provide a signal network for all vehicles in the fleet, connect all vehicles to a local area network, and communicate.

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Second, provide a signal jammer. At a specific time, it can provide signal protection by interfering with mobile phone, wifi, gps, RF and other signals to prevent bad guys from using mobile phone or RF (radio frequency) signals to detonate bombs, or to prevent signal leakage from being ambushed, thus providing security protection for government officials and important people effective protection. Therefore, especially in military operations and security convoys, traces of jamming vehicles can often be seen.

As for which frequencies this jamming vehicle will interfere with, it is classified as "confidential" in Malaysia. It is a mobile command post designed specifically for fleets of high-value target vehicles operating in built environments. Our sources declined to give us the frequency on which the device was operating, but some have noticed brief drops of cellphone and other signals as vehicles pass by. Therefore, it is not difficult to infer that it can interfere with mobile phone and GPS signals, so as to avoid being tracked by tracker locators and prevent the route of the convoy from being used by bad guys, thus causing danger.