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15 Oct. 2022 Andrew

A military vehicle equipped with signal blocker in Myanmar's Sagaing province was hit by a mine

signal jammers in Myanmar's Sagaing province

Sagaing Division Mingmu Township, the People's Defense Organization reported that on October 14, a battle broke out between the military commission army and the local civil defense forces in the towns of Kani and Pulai.

Ko Theg Kyi, an official with Myeng Farm Zero Group, told DVB that the military council reconnaissance battalion in Myengmu town was attacked by drones and mines starting at 10:00 this morning.

"Yesterday, October 13, from 6pm to today, October 14, we attacked Sith in Myengmu Township 4 times. Yesterday, a group of drinking police around Myengmu police station Attacked by a salt shaker bomb. At 10:00 and 10:15 am this morning, I used my drone to attack the military hiding near the Myengmu school and the guarding the Myanmar Commercial Bank . The end of the war is still under investigation. Our side is not affected."

The attack was carried out by the Zero Guerrilla (Horse Farm) and the True Fighter Group.

Also, at 9:30 am today, a battle broke out between the Military Council Army and the Royal Myanmar Dragon Army (MRDA) Kani Division, which came down from the Chin Din River in Kani town in 3 vehicles, the officer Koruk Soe said to be in charge of the Kani MRDA division.

"With 2 warships coming down from above, we opened fire on No. 4 at Khai Aung. As for the military committee, I don't know how it ended. On my side, a soldier was hit by a bullet. Don't worry about life."

3 Military Commission vehicles regrouped from Mingjing Goda Village. The local people reported that the revolutionary forces in the Mingjing area opened fire on them yesterday.

The head of the Mahura quarry said: "They are the people who burned down Pengka Village in Mingjin Township and camped in Gongta Village these days. Because the car has reached its peak, no one can compete with it. 2 warships and Our regiment fought, and they returned to Mengcun with a total of three vehicles. They shot at each other. The final result on their side is unknown. "On our side, one of our comrades was wounded by a bullet," he said.

The leaders of the People's National Defense Forces in Mingming Township stated that due to the naval and land battles between the Military Commission and the army in Mingming Township, the Nange government and donors are in urgent need of weapons and ammunition.

In Pearl Township, the People's Defence Force is said to have opened fire on military council troops in Pyu Saw Hti and Zee Phyu Gone villages at 9:00 pm on October 13.

Local defense groups said the shooting began at 9:00 p.m. and ended at 1:30 p.m.

The shooting was carried out by the Pearl Battalion 1 Royal Egal Group, and the local public defence group estimated that the military council and Pyu Saw soldiers may have been killed in the shooting.

Sagaing Division The local defense force said that on the morning of October 13, three military vehicles of the Military Commission were attacked by landmines on the Monywa-Changwu highway, and one jammer was damaged.

Three military vehicles and some 80 military council troops departed from the village of Mon and attacked with four mines before reaching the town of Chaung U.

"The attack was carried out with 4 mines that were fired and ready," said BHA officials, a local defense group Braveheart. "The bottom tire of the car with signal jammers (remote circuit breaker) was blown open and Damaged. These jammers are also damaged and therefore unusable," he said.

The BHA team said that the jamming vehicle that hit the mine was parked on the side of the road, and the military commission troops on the vehicle may have been killed, but the specific investigation is still ongoing.

On September 11 last year, a local defense group detonated a jamming vehicle with 30 military council troops on the Mandalay-Monywa highway, killing two soldiers on the spot.

The military council has not released any information about the fighting, nor has it been able to independently confirm casualties.