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28 Sep. 2022 Andrew

Mobile phone use in Punjab prisons abounds, High Court asks government to install frequency jammers in all prisons in the state

High Court orders all prisons to install frequency jammer

According to prison officials, since Jan. 2020, Prison inmates frequently commit crimes by communicating with the outside world on their cell phones. And previous administrations have not taken cell phone use in prisons seriously. The Punjab government prison department has not purchased frequency blocker since 4G was launched in India in late 2016, which apparently means that jammers installed in 27 prisons in Punjab cannot block the 4G signals that operate today. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why cell phone crime cannot be contained.

Ever since cell phones played a major role in the murder of famous young singer Sidhu Moosewala in prison. The Punjab government is also conducting ongoing searches for the use of mobile phones in Punjab prisons.

During these searches, gangsters were found to be running their networks from mobile devices in Punjab jails. Even after repeatedly retrieving mobile phones and narcotics, they continued to search for prohibited items such as mobile phones and drugs, which could not be eliminated from the root cause.

24 packages recovered at the prison administration. After including 27 mobile phones, 42 data cables, 2 adapters, a SIM card, 96 grams of charas, 375 egg yolk bags and a pack of cigarettes, Patiala Central Prison Police arrested a man who threw a mobile phone and a drug pack ...

In response to such incidents, the Aam Aadmi party government claims that more than 3,900 mobile phones have been recovered from prisons since it came to power. Meanwhile, RTI has a big disclosure: So far, no 4G mobile signal jammers have been installed in prisons. Therefore, it is a huge challenge for the government to curb mobile devices in prisons.

On September 22 (Thursday), the Chief Justice of the High Court, Ravi Shankar Jha, summoned the Attorney General of Punjab to the court, and the Punjab government was unable to give a specific answer on the installation of jammers in prisons, and express dissatisfaction with the government's attitude on this matter. The high court commented that in the 5G era, the Punjab government could not even install 4G frequency jammer. This undoubtedly provides opportunities for prison gangsters to commit crimes and strongly requires all prisons to install cell phone signal scrambler to combat criminal activities.

Instructions for installing frequency jammer in all prisons

The chief minister has directed the installation of latest cell phone signal blockers in all prisons in the state to combat crime. He said complaints had been received that jailed offenders were carrying out criminal activities on their mobile phones. It should be stopped in various ways.