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22 Nov. 2022 Andrew

Jammermfg online-shop provides useful UHF/VHF radio jammer

Powerful Radio Jammer

I believe everyone is familiar with radio, but when it comes to radio jammer, many people may only see them in science fiction TV movies. Some people may ask, are radio jammers and mobile phone jammers the same thing?

What is a radio jammer?

Radio jammers send electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency. The wave then spreads across the entire area. Radios will pick up this wave (if tuned to this frequency) and they will block another wave that the station is broadcasting.

Radio signal jammers (intentional jamming) disrupt communications by reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. Another type is unintentional interference, which occurs when an operator transmits on a busy frequency without first checking to see if it is in use, or cannot hear a station using that frequency. It can also happen when equipment accidentally transmits, such as a cable TV unit accidentally transmitting on an aircraft emergency frequency. The concept can be used in wireless data networks to interrupt the flow of information. Some countries will use radio jamming to prevent foreign broadcasters in border areas from reaching the country.

Ultra High Frequency - UHF for short, refers to radio waves with a frequency between 300MHZ and 3000MHZ. It is the highest frequency commonly used in television broadcasting. UHF is widely used in short-distance communication, such as walkie-talkie, Bluetooth, wireless network, mobile phone, military aviation radio station, etc.

VHF is the abbreviation of very high frequency, which refers to radio waves with a frequency between 30MHZ and 300NHZ. VHF has a higher frequency than HF (high frequency) but lower than UHF. VHF is primarily used for radio and television broadcasting, as well as aviation and navigational communication channels. According to the characteristics of UHF and VHF, we have developed a UHF/VHF jammer.

UHF/VHF jammers are specially designed to block communication channels within a specific frequency range and are widely used in specific areas. The emergence of UHF/VHF jammers solves the sudden noise of broadcasting and radio frequency interference, as well as wireless networks, ensuring broadcasting safety and aviation safety.

Another use of them is the newly developed UHF/VHF. Their extreme jamming capability allows them to jam any type of UHF/VHF walkie-talkies, two-way radios, audio bugs and remote controls within 10 seconds. Their maximum blocking range can reach a radius of 40 meters. Furthermore, their perfect heat dispersion allows for unlimited continuous use.

To learn more about radio jammers, please visit the page on our UHF VHF jammer page. This page shows various UHF/VHF jammers developed by our Jammermfg Team and various useful knowledge about RF jammers