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17 Oct. 2022 Andrew

How 4G Jammer Works and Why It's Banned in certain areas

Why are signal jammers banned in certain areas of the US?

4G signal jammers

Signal jammers can block the transmission and reception of signals,and in certain emergencies, can have terrible consequences. If someone desperately needs mobile communications, jammers can create a potentially dangerous situation. Such as restricting communication signals for emergency calls, ambulances, fire, police, aviation services... This is the main reason why most countries that ban jammers ban it.

4G Blocker is easy to find on the internet. That doesn't mean it's legal to use them. So before buying, it is quite necessary to ensure its legality, or ensure that your device will not interfere with other people or public signals, otherwise, it may make you a little troublesome. For example, being punished by a complaint.

How do 4G signal jammer works?

A 4G signal jammer is a device that disrupts radio connections such as cell phone networks, Wifi or GPS by emitting radio waves. Strictly speaking, it's a radio frequency (RF) transmitter that transmits a radio signal on the same (or similar) frequency as GSM, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc... Usually, most 4G scramblers The range is only a few meters to tens of meters. However, more powerful military jammers or drone jammers can even create an area the size of a football field and up to 2 kilometers away. Developed for the military and law enforcement, the devices were originally designed to deal with threats such as cellphone-triggered explosives and hostage-taking.

The military and government even have models that can jam radio signals for miles.
Retailers can use jammers to prevent others from breaking into the network via wifi or bluetooth and stealing confidential store information.
Distractors are also useful in certain rooms where quietness or distractions are to be avoided. This will prevent your phone from ringing at a movie theater show or when young people are chatting at school.
But criminals can also use jammers to disrupt wireless alarm systems and other radio connections and block emergency calls over mobile networks.

A recent news about the adverse effects of 4G signal jamming in France

A family father is being prosecuted in the Landes department in southwestern France. He was accused of unknowingly blocking internet and mobile networks across the block for several nights. Initially, he thought he was simply depriving his only child of the internet. Finally, 4G jammers disrupted telecom towers, causing network congestion in the areas covered by telecom towers. After investigation by relevant departments, he was prosecuted and punished.