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8 Oct. 2022 Andrew

How to avoid covert eavesdropping devices to win in cutthroat business competition

According to the feedback from senior anti-commercial theft work, he has been engaged in anti-secret theft detection for more than ten years. In actual work, after detecting the stealing equipment, the party who has been eavesdropped often does not choose to call the police, but will focus on who initiated the theft. Afterwards, it will adjust its strategy, such as deliberately leaking false information when necessary to induce competitors to make wrong judgments. "That's the cruelty of business warfare.

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How to avoid hidden eavesdropping devices, there is one recognized as the most cost-effective device - signal jammers, you can turn it on during important meetings and confidential conversations, it can disable all eavesdropping devices within the interference range, and in the presence of When needed, we will deliberately leak false information and induce competitors to make wrong judgments, thereby winning the business war.

In a luxurious office, He Zhihui and his colleagues held detection equipment and worked tensely, with the goal of finding the "bugs" that might be hidden in the corner of the company.

A few days ago, one of the company's trade secrets was leaked inexplicably. Competitors learned that the chairman suspected that the company had been stealing secrets by commercial espionage, and sent the secretary to invite He Zhihui and others to come to do anti-eavesdropping testing.

He Zhihui is from an anti-eavesdropping company in China, mainly responsible for the confidentiality and anti-theft of commercial privacy. In actual work, they not only must carefully detect all objects visible to the naked eye, but also detect hidden corners such as walls, sofas, and flower pots that are not easy to disassemble.

The testing office is about 50 square meters, which is the place where the chairman of the company works and receives visitors. There are bookcases, desks, boss chairs, sofas and other furniture indoors, and no corners are spared, but no secret stealing equipment has been found. He Zhi will set his eyes on the fish tank, and there is a pinhole camera in an unobtrusive position, "waterproof, sealed with a transparent water pipe."

When the chairman learned that his office had been installed with secret stealing equipment, he was shocked for a while. He did not expect that the commercial spy who appeared in the film and television drama would appear by his side. He Zhihui reminded, "In fact, commercial espionage is not far away from us. There are huge interests behind commercial secrets. Secret theft and anti-theft have always existed."

He Zhihui detects eavesdropping equipment in a conference room of a company / Photo courtesy of the interviewee

He Zhihui once met a client who asked for help. The company's main business was engineering projects. When the chairman of the company participated in the bidding of a project in a certain province, he found that as long as his company made a detailed project quotation after calculation, the company's competitors would quickly know the reserve price.

The first time the leak occurred, the company's chairman was unaware that it had been eavesdropped. But in one bid for the project, another leaked bid reserve price, and a competitor got the project. When the same situation occurred for the third time, the chairman finally realized that what he encountered was not ordinary business competition, but business secrets.

He Zhihui received an order from the company and sent three inspectors to the company to find the eavesdropping equipment. According to the plan determined in advance by the two parties, they went to the company's conference room, the chairman's office, the general manager's office and other places to test, and finally, under the sofa of the chairman's office, in an inconspicuous position, they found a real-time transmission bug.

"Under normal circumstances, when we find the bug, we will not make any changes, and will tell the entrusting company." He Zhihui suggested that the chairman call the police, but due to various considerations, the other party did not do so. He Zhihui said that once the equipment for stealing was found, the task of the inspectors was basically completed. As for what action the company would take, there were various possibilities.

In actual work, after the eavesdropping equipment is found, the eavesdropped party often does not choose to call the police, but uses anti-eavesdropping jammers at special times, and will deliberately leak false information to induce competitors to make wrong judgments. "This is the cruelty of business warfare. Often, a piece of information involving important business secrets can lead competitors to make wrong choices and win business battles."