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Latest Reviews on Portable 6 Selectable Bands Signal Jammer for 2G 3G 4G Cell Phone GPS Wifi

Customer Reviews

Hartzler Christina


This cell phone jammer is cool, I bought it a few weeks ago and I can say it works great. This is the device I've been looking for. The delivery was also very fast, which I appreciate. Thank you very much!!!

Limon Ernesto


The product can control each frequency band through the button, it is super simple to use, and it is easy to carry. It is worth buying.

Johnson S.


Received the goods, I like this signal blocker very much, it is very useful!

Tullock Aaron


I am amazed by this wonderful mobile phone signal jammer. In fact, this is exactly what I need. I was lucky to find this device. It works well.

Thompson Rhonda


Jammers help me block GPS trackers and hide my whereabouts when I'm driving on the road. Also, when I'm at home, the jammer may block WiFi frequencies, creating a more comfortable environment for me.



A highly usable device, the frequency bands that can be interfered are all commonly used frequency bands, and the interference effect is very good. Very satisfied!

Rice Peter


I would like to thank the company for its excellent service. I asked many questions and answered them one by one. The quality of the product is very good, it is recommended! Many thanks to the seller.



You can buy such a jammer at such a price, which is very cost-effective!

Nandy Michael


I bought one and it works great. Thanks to this product, I can now block 4G Wifi and GPS signals at the same time, creating a quiet environment without worrying about being tracked.

Adam Zack


Interference works very well, as described on the website. Inexpensive and worth recommending a jammer!

Dannial Gabriel


Received the jammer, the jammer works fine, no problem. And thanks for your service!