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Portable GPS Jammers That Look Like Power Banks Are For Sale

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This is a new type of GSM & GPS frequency jammer that can be easily hidden in your pocket. The shape looks like a mobile phone power bank, with a built-in 2000mAh Ni-Mh battery, which can work continuously for about 1.5 hours, with strong camouflage. It is very convenient for those mobile workers.

This popular black Pocket GPS jamer is charged with a USB charging cable, which can be charged not only at home using an outlet, but also in the car or using a power bank, and a variety of charging methods make it possible for you to charge anytime, anywhere. Built-in 4 hidden antennas can interfere with GPS/GLONASS L1+GPSL2/L5+GSM900/1800 or CDMA850/GSM1900 signals within 10 meters around the device.

There are two types of mobile phone GPS positioning:
1. Mobile phone number positioning (also called base station positioning): The base station operator uses the mobile phone signal of the mobile phone number to locate the mobile phone. Under normal circumstances, the user of the mobile phone number must authorize the operator to locate the mobile phone through the base station; if not, only the public security department of the government can legally use it, and the authorization procedure is strictly stipulated, and the public cannot use it at all.
2. GPS signal positioning. Simply put, positioning is based on satellite GPS signals. If you want to block the base station positioning signal at the same time, you also need to block the GSM, UMTS, 4G, and 5G signals of the mobile phone. It is recommended to buy a portable 5G mobile phone & GPS jammer

Product advantages:

1. 4-band 1.2W, with 2000mAh NiMH battery, work about 1.5 hours to support battery charging.
2. Shielding radius: up to 10 meters at -75dBm, with hidden omnidirectional antenna
3. Can be used directly in the car via a USB charging cable
4. Mini Hidden Antenna Pocket Design


-GPS/GLONASS L1: 1570-1580Mhz
-GPS L2/L5: 1170-1280MHz
-GSM 900 or CDMA850 MHz: 850-960MHz
-GSM 1800 or GSM1900 MHz: 1805-1900Mhz

Jamming radius: up to 10 meters
Power: USB 5V IN or OUT
Color: Black
Total output power: 1.2 W total
Working time: about 100 minutes
Device size: 106x75x23mm
Equipment weight: 100g

Package Contents:

1 x GSM Signal Jammer
1 x USB Cable