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All Reviews about High Power Signal Jammer device with 12 Antennas

Customer Reviews

Jason Edwin


Bought and installed in our company's R&D office, very efficient equipment, no need to worry about the company's data being leaked.

Carol Lance


The device appears to be of good quality and works as expected. Awesome equipment!

Homer Nelson


I received the jammer and it arrived two days earlier than expected. After testing, the effect is better than expected. After running for a period of time, the heat dissipation effect of the fuselage is also very good, everything is very satisfactory, you can consider it if you need it.



Been receiving it for 2 weeks and it works great in my 150sqm office, great product to recommend

Kit K.


The features and quality of the product are beyond its price, a good deal!

Duke Lee


Looks like a very good device, I customized it for my client, looking forward to its performance, hope it can satisfy my client.

Clark Owen


Everything is fine except the size is bigger than expected, a good product.

Aubrey Bruce


The high power signal jammer worked great, my phone's signal disappeared and they couldn't pinpoint my location through the phone anymore.

Dominic P.


Very useful equipment, it helped me a lot, thank you customer service, thank you seller.