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Best-selling 18 Bands 16 Antennas Handheld 5G Scrambler with LCD display

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  • PJ-161
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Compared with our common hand-held signal jammers, this PJ-161 5G Cellphone jammer adds an LCD display design and a popular nylon jacket, allowing users to monitor the battery level at a glance and easy to carry, which is also one of the reasons why this jammer is popular, it has received praise from many users since then, and I hope it can also help you.

The most important thing is that the interference performance of this 16-antenna mobile phone jammer is also very comprehensive, which can cover almost all common frequencies in life, such as 5G/4G/3G/GSM and other mobile phone signals, WiFi2.4G/5G wireless network signals , GPS positioning signal, UHF/VHF and 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz and other remote control signals, etc. In addition, it is equipped with the safest high-capacity rechargeable battery inside, which can work for up to 150 minutes and can be charged using AC and car chargers.

Product advantages:

1. The world's first Portable 5G signal jammer with 16 antennas and 18 frequency bands (channels 12/13, 15/16 adopt dual-band design to eliminate excessive channels and narrow mutual interference), shielding all mobile phones 5G 4G 3G GSM LOJACK GPS WiFi RF signal
2. Small size, easy to carry
3. Built-in safe high-capacity rechargeable battery, can be used outdoors, work up to 150 minutes
4. 18W output power, interference range 10-25 meters (at -75dBm, depending on the signal strength of the respective area)
5. Omnidirectional antenna design, no coverage dead angle.
6. Good cooling system, so that the equipment can work without noise for a long time
7. Each signal frequency band can be turned on and off by the DIP switch without affecting other frequency bands
8. Support AC charger and car charger two charging methods
9. LCD display of battery capacity (capacity percentage, working voltage/current)


America Type frequency for United States, Canada, Mexico.

CH1: 617-685MHz: 5G 1W
CH2: 3400-3600MHz: 5G 3400 1W
CH3: 1570-1610MHz: GPS/Glonass/GALILEOL1 1W
CH4: 2300-2400MHz: 4G2300 1W
CH5: 5125-5350MHz: WIFI5.2G 1W
CH6: 1170-1280MHz: GPS L1/ Glonass/ GALILEOL L1 1W
CH7: 1710-1780MHz: 5G 1W
CH8: 2570-2690MHz: 4G2600 1W
CH9: 135-175MHz: VHF/LOJACK 1W
CH10: 3600-3900MHz: 5G3600 1W
CH11: 315MHz: RC315 1W
CH12: 700-803MHz: 4G700 1W
CH13: 2110-2170MHz: 3G/WCDMA 1W
CH14: 433MHz: RC 433 1W
CH15: 850-894MHz: CDMA/IDEN/800/850/868 1W
CH16: 1900-1990 or 1370-1390MHz: PCS1900 or GPSL3L4 1W
CH17: 2400-2500MHz: WIFI2.4G 1W
CH18: 5725-5850MHz: WIFI5.8G 1W

Europe Type frequency for Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East,
CH1: 400-470MHz: UHF 1W
CH2: 3400-3600MHz: 5G 3400 1W
CH3: 1570-1610MHz: GPS/Glonass/GALILEOL1 1W
CH4: 2300-2400MHz: 4G2300 1W
CH5: 5125-5350MHz: WIFI5.2G 1W
CH6: 1170-1280MHz: GPS L1/ Glonass/ GALILEOL L1 1W
CH7: 1470-1518MHz: 5G 1W
CH8: 2570-2690MHz: 4G2600 1W
CH9: 135-175MHz: VHF/LOJACK 1W
CH10: 3600-3900MHz: 5G3600 1W
CH11: 315MHz: RC315 1W
CH12: 758-826MHz: 4G700 1W
CH13: 2110-2170MHz: 3G/WCDMA 1W
CH14: 433MHz: RC 433 1W
CH15: 925-960MHz: GSM900  1W
CH16: 1805-1880MHz: DCS/PCS 4GLTE1800 1W
CH17: 2400-2500MHz: WIFI2.4G 1W
CH18: 5725-5850MHz: WIFI5.8G 1W

Interference radius: up to 25 meters
Power supply: AC110-240V to DC12V
Total output power: 18W
Working time: about 2.5 hours
Device size: 190x126x46 mm
Device weight: 2.0 kg
Warranty period: 1 year

Package Contents:

Portable 5G Jammer x 1
AC charger x 1
Car charger x1
Omnidirectional Antenna x 16
Nylon Shell x 1

1. Please confirm that the country of purchase is the same as the country of actual use, otherwise it may not affect the use.
2. When low-power jammers (such as hand-held jammers) interfere with high-power signal devices (such as wifi routers, Bluetooth audio devices, etc.), the effect will be poor, or even impossible to interfere.
3. Do not use while charging.
4. Do not use the handheld jammer as a desktop jammer.
5. Do not use the jammer until the antenna is connected.