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High performance Drone Jammer Portable UAV blocker Wifi disruptor with built-in 3 antennas 20W Drones interrupter hand-held signal jammers Jamming wifi 3 band GPS scrambler

High performance portable drone signal blocker with built-in 3 antennas

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  • PJ-032
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The latest unique high power portable drone jammer with built-in high gain directional antenna that can jam up to 500 meters covering 100% of UAV drones such as Dji Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard Series, Inspire Series ...... Lightweight and portable, built-in rechargeable battery works 2.0 hours, LCD shows battery capacity.


WiFi 2.4G: 2400-2500MHz 40dBm / 10W
WiFi 5.8G: 5500-5900MHz 37dBm / 5W
GPSL1 and Glonass L1: 1560-1620MHz 37dBm / 5W

Power: Adapter 50 to 60Hz AC (110-240V AC/24V DC)
Built-in battery: 24V/3000mAh
Continuous work: 120 minutes
Charging time: 2 hours
Cooling System: High Efficiency Aluminum Alloy Radiator with Built-in 3x Fans
Output power: total 20W, 5-10W per frequency band
Shielding radius: (200-500) meters
Dimensions: (L, W, H) 280 x 130 x 46mm (with hidden directional antenna)
Packing size: 330*250*80mm
Net weight: 1.0 kg
Gross weight: 2.0 kg
Warranty period: 1 year from the date of delivery

Scope of application:

1) Protection of prohibited areas, such as: prisons, military districts, national strategic resource projects, nuclear industry facilities, airports, political areas
2) Prevent the leakage of crime scene information, such as: for example: local serious cases, municipal governments, law enforcement sites, key public security sites, protection of political supporters, large-scale performance rehearsal, archaeological excavation site, large-scale group activity page?
3) Combat illegal activities using drones as a carrier, such as B.: transportation/drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transfer.

Package Lists:

Drone signal jammer x 1
AC charger x 1