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Reviews about Best Selling 8 Bands Cell Phone Jammer

Customer Reviews



I received the handheld 4G jammer I ordered, and the test effect is obvious. With it, I don't have to worry about being photographed or being followed, thank you!



Comprehensive comparison of several jammer online stores, your professional and patient service made me choose to buy here, and the product quality is also very good. Recommend this regular jammer shop

James H.


The shielding effect is good, and it can be hand-held and hung on the arm, which is very convenient!

AJ July


After receiving the jammer, I tested it, it is very easy to use, and the shielding function works well. The store owner and customer service are more patient. If you don't understand, you can ask, and they will patiently answer all your questions.



It was shipped to me on the 2nd day after the order was placed, and the courier number was sent to me, and I was reminded to remember to check, very attentive customer service.

Tout Jos


This is a great product. Atmospheric design, small size, as described on the website. I blocked my 4G phone and wifi, the house is much quieter and no more harassing calls bother me.



I am very impressed and satisfied with the delivery service. From my office in California, the delivery service is really fast. I received the item on the 7th day after payment.

Helen Cory


The mobile jammer works fine with no issues. Thanks for your service! I will recommend friends in need to buy. grateful!



I am very satisfied with this Jammer. Quite a good deal, the first time I've been surprised with a product for such a small amount of money. Thank you so much, I will buy it again if I need it!



It is very satisfying to buy such a jammer at such a price. Its performance far exceeded expectations.



This product provides exactly what is described on the website. Reasonable price and fast delivery. I highly recommend this product to others. Thanks!