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All Reviews about Built-in 8-antenna Anti-cheating jammers for Cell phones

Customer Reviews

Cliff Bruce


This device is very easy to operate and works well, you can buy this cell phone jammer with confidence.

Eric Chang


I bought it to control the time my child uses the Internet. He is an unruly person. This jammer for cell phones is very helpful to me. Thank you very much.



I am very satisfied with this mobile phone jammer, it works very stable.

Osmond X


The high power signal jammer provided by the seller is of good quality, a trustworthy seller!

Paul Leonard


The equipment I bought before was an external antenna, and the antenna was destroyed by students. Very satisfied with this hidden antenna jamming device, don't worry about it being damaged, it works very well! recommend it

Jamie Dave


The seller is very caring and professionally advised me to buy this anti-cheating jammer. Made my job a lot easier. So far the jammer is working fine.



Great product at a great price, recommend it!

Christian Bill


I chose to buy from this jammer store because of the professional and patient service attitude of this store. To my surprise, the quality of the product is very good. After turning it on, my mobile phone and Wifi signal disappeared, which is amazing!