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Latest Reviews on Portable 5 Band 4G cell phone blocker or wifi Bluetooth Jammer or GPS Tracking Jammers

Customer Reviews

David Cliff


I received it. After the jammer is turned on, my mobile phone cannot use Wifi and GPS positioning and navigation. With it, I no longer have to be afraid of being tracked and threatened, thank you!

Aubrey Ben


Very interesting product, hopefully with it I can successfully replicate one



The Tracking blocker is very light and small in size, so it is very convenient to carry out.



The product runs very well, the logistics is fast, and the goods are received within 1 week after payment, which is very powerful



I tested it as soon as I received the goods, and it can only interfere with signals within a range of about 10M. If you need to interfere with signals from a long distance or next door, its interference effect will be much worse. It is not recommended to buy this, its power is not large enough .

Solomon Ted


Such a light and delicate product! The design is also very good!

Ricky Philip


I tried this feature out today and am very satisfied! Thanks!

Mick Liam


After using this cell phone jammer, my phone is much quieter and I can get a good night's sleep.