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Ultra Long Jamming Range Handheld UAV Jammer with LCD Display Reviews

Customer Reviews

Johnny Bob


Compared with many drone jammers, this microphone-shaped UAV signal jammer has the smallest appearance, long jamming distance, and the most cost-effective. Facts have proved that it is really powerful. Once the drone is close to its effective range will be forced to land by it. Very good product!

Amos Dean


This is a professional jammer manufacturer and seller. I bought a mobile phone jammer before, the quality is very good, and the price has an advantage in many online stores. I bought this UAVs jammer again and look forward to its performance!



Super powerful Drone jamming device, the key Feature is that it is light, good camouflage, and easy to use outdoors. Recommended!

Daniel Bruce


Super beautiful blocking equipment, the effect is very good, very satisfied!

Basil Clint


After receiving it, I couldn't wait to test it. The shielding effect is very good, exceeding expectations. Although it is a bit expensive, the effect is really good, and it is worth the money.