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11 Oct. 2022 Andrew

China Taiwan National Day 1,500 police force security, unification and independence groups protest once burst into conflict

Taiwanese police have aerial camera jammers

For the 2022 Double Ten Nations Celebration Ceremony, the Taiwanese police have high-standard security guards, and a total of 1,500 police officers have been established. Not only did bomb detection dogs arrive for on-site inspections many times before the ceremony, but also aerial camera jammers and surveillance guards at the commanding heights in front of the government. ready. In addition, the front of Jingfu Gate is an area for expressing opinions, and the two factions of the United and Independence gathered as usual. Among them, members of the "Taiwan State" clashed with the police when they left the venue.

Police vs. members of the pro-independence group "Taiwan State": "Pay attention to safety, okay? Let's go to the sidewalk. (Why do we have to go first, okay, let's go to the sidewalk first, why do we have to go first, why do we have to go first.)"

The woman was emotional and kept clamoring. She was a member of the independence group and did not want to leave the venue earlier than the unification group, so she refused to leave. down.

Police vs. members of the pro-independence group "Taiwan State": "Don't push me, don't push me, don't push me."

The woman loudly accused the policewoman of blocking her way, and the two were at a stalemate. Fortunately, with the persuasion of the policeman, she was finally willing to leave obediently. The scene was the opinion expression area of ​​the Presidential Palace. Members of both factions will gather here and scold each other in the air.

Lu Chaocai, commander of the Baicai headquarters: "Good luck will come to the reunification, good luck will come to the reunification, and good luck will come to the reunification."

"Taiwan State" Chairman Chen Junhan: "Taiwan National Day, referendum decision."

The police kept an eye on the scene and held up placards warning that if they did not leave, they would be fined.

Chen Mingzhi, the director of the first branch of the Chung Cheng Branch: "The three of you should stop the assembly. You are on Ketagalan Avenue, and you have violated the assembly and procession law by gathering here without permission."

On the spot, there were 1,500 security guards, from the front and back of the Presidential Palace, Jingfu Gate, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the official residence and the surrounding area. All have security deployments, mobilized the police force of Chung Cheng No. 1 and 2, Songshan, Wanhua and other police forces for full support. With aerial camera jamming gun alerts, as well as surveillance posts at the commanding heights of surrounding buildings, police are also arranged to control every move on the scene.

The police are on high-level alert, and Wei An is not leaking any water to prevent any emergencies from interfering with the National Parade ceremony.