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15 Nov. 2022 Andrew

The advanced wifi signal blocker protects your personal privacy in all directions

advanced Wifi signal blocker protects your personal privacy

With the development of mobile phones and drones, we are easily photographed or monitored, and even our private whereabouts are easily leaked. If you are a person who values ​​personal privacy, then you must want to know more about signal jammers, because it is very important to protect your personal safety.

WIFI can be abused, and often is. Getting and using a wifi signal blocker can solve every one of your problems. Whether you need to regain control of your life, your office or your kids, Block WIFI will bring you reassurance.

So, what is a WIFI signal blocker, how does it work, and when does it make your life easier and safer?

WIFI jammer is also known as WIFI blocker, network security jammer, it is a signal blocking tool that can help you prevent your WIFI from being used by nearby devices. It can also prevent tools such as spy cameras, mobile phones or drones from monitoring or secretly taking pictures of you.

Like all jammers, WIFI Blocker works by predicting the exact same radio waves as the device you're trying to jam. When it comes to blocking WIFI, you need to set your jamming tool to the same regularity as your WIFI router.

However, blocking WIFI can be difficult because routers are usually set to immediately find the best network to interact with the device. They have the ability to switch between frequencies to find the least congested one, keeping your internet speed at a satisfactory level. But for a WIFI blocker, it's easy.

Some basic WIFI blockers can fit in your pocket or run on batteries. These wifi signal jammers are perfect for keeping your jamming functions portable and functional wherever you go. While advanced wifi jammers may be bulkier, they are more capable of jamming. Because they will have more accessories and more power, such as external antennas. It can support Wifi interceptors to interfere with longer distances, and even interfere with Wifi 2.4G/5.8G signals used by high-altitude drones, which has achieved the purpose of prohibiting drones from approaching and taking pictures.

Because drones are very small, especially at high altitudes where people tend to overlook them. This also led to many people being secretly photographed by drones in the sky, causing privacy leaks and causing some losses that could have been avoided.

And the only defense against these flying devices, other than shooting them down, is to use drone jammers or powerful wifi signal blockers.