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29 Dec. 2022 Andrew

WiFi is becoming a major medium for hacking, how can I prevent it?

Recently, Israel arrested 22 people for using a Trojan horse virus to eavesdrop on users' mobile phones.

The Trojan horse SpyPhone can cost as much as $2,500, depending on the capabilities of the phone. Its characteristics vary depending on the monitoring conditions.

This technology works on many phones -- from older models to the newest. The characteristics of a Trojan virus depend directly on the phone model, but the route of use is roughly the same.

Automated attacks are increasingly being used to find software vulnerabilities. These are not isolated cases. There are different ways to infect a device. For example, some release test messages for users to download and are deceived. There are other cracking methods, hacking your mobile phone through public Wifi or Bluetooth, following the official account by scanning the QR code, and so on.

To protect your personal data from hacking and eavesdropping, you should carefully monitor all files and apps you download from the internet. There is also a wifi jammer that can prevent illegal hackers from invading through wifi.

However, in recent years, the media has repeatedly reported cases of user accounts being stolen due to the use of public WiFi, which has aroused public concerns about the security of public WiFi. Whether you use public WiFi networks or not, personal information may be leaked or even damaged. to the property?

How is your personal information leaked? Drinking coffee and using free Wi-Fi can lead to your identity being stolen. In recent years, free public 4G wifi has become a hidden danger for citizens to leak personal information and affect network security. So the focus is on Wi-Fi management in public places.

Chancellor Fred-Gilbert said "the board is concerned about the impact of electromagnetic waves on human health" and said his government would not reverse the decision. It was the principal's "personal opinion", but he said he could not change his decision.

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Turin's new mayor, Appendino, is a member of the Five Star Movement party, which focuses on environmental protection and health. Last week, he said he wanted his children to know the benefits of being a vegetarian from an early age, and he has been eating vegetarian food since he was a child to reduce environmental pollution caused by livestock.

In a policy speech, the appendix added that electromagnetism is also a form of pollution. Therefore, public, grassroots, and government offices in future cities will not use WiFi. However, the city ensures that the city has high-speed broadband access.

Of course, no matter how WIFI is banned, students may object. However, building a Faraday cage or using a mobile wifi jammer can dampen the response.