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4 Nov. 2022 Andrew

Four Reasons Why Wifi Signal Jammers Are Used So Much

Internet security and Wifi Signal Jammers

The application of wifi and bluetooth technology has become more and more mature, which brings convenience to people, but also brings the risk of privacy leakage and data theft. This is also the original intention of wifi signal jammers, in order to prevent hackers and illegal elements from abusing wifi and bluetooth technology to commit crimes.

1. Wifi Signal blockers can also prevent cheating

According to reports, in the face of increasingly "advanced" wireless communication equipment cheating methods, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, in accordance with the principle of combining "civil defense" with "technical defense" and focusing on "civil defense", equips each test site with the latest Technology equipment - wireless headphone detector and full-featured wifi jammer device.

The wifi blocker used this year can effectively block all communication signals including 5G/4G/3G/GSM mobile phone signals, walkie-talkie signals, and wifi bluetooth signals. In addition, in the annex of the test center in the city where the city is located, the Municipal Radio Administration will send special personnel on duty, and relevant technical personnel and relevant fixed monitoring stations (vehicles) will be on duty. Monitor the signals outside the examination room suspected of using radio communication equipment to cheat or collude with radio communication equipment, and use wifi jammers to shield if necessary. If it is confirmed that the situation is true, violates public security management regulations, or is suspected of committing a crime, the public security organ shall investigate and deal with it according to law.

2. WiFi signal jammers can protect the wireless network at home and make up for the hidden dangers of routers

WiFi and Bluetooth technologies can realize short-distance signal transmission and connection between devices through wireless signals, which brings convenience to people. But it has a hidden danger: it is easy for hackers or illegal elements to use wifi to invade your computer or mobile phone, steal your private information and account password, and make your network space and mobile phone information transparently displayed in front of them, which is very dangerous! Although the wifi6 protocol uploaded online has no security risks, is there really no security risks? For safety, it is recommended to block it with a wifi signal jammer when not in use.

3. Wifi interrupter Prevents Internet Surfing

If hackers want to, they can move freely on the Internet through wifi signals or bluetooth signals, but the average person will not notice it, which is undoubtedly dangerous. To stop the threat, Gavin Thomas, president of the Association of Chiefs of Police for England and Wales, has come up with a simple solution: Install wifi jamming device for all criminals for a certain period of time, blocking their connection to the Internet.

4. WiFi jammer Devices Can Block Wireless CCTV

If you find that your home or office is being watched by spy cameras, people who want to protect their privacy will always want to find and remove them. Of course, there will also be some public places where the cameras will be pointed at you, to fix your CCTV issue you have to talk to the authorities first, if they refuse to check the cameras and otherwise turn them on then it's time to act.

We can provide you a wifi camera jammer device for wireless cameras, which will block all wireless camera surveillance within the jamming range. So if the camera is close enough, try it. The problem here is that it is recommended to use a fixed jammer, which has a larger jamming range and more stable jamming performance than a portable wifi blocker, but it has no battery and is bulky.