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6 Oct. 2022 Andrew

Naples man, 61, caught for using GPS blocker to steal car and escape

Once again, the operator found the ignition lock forcibly locked by a hex bolt and found a jammer and 40 euros in the car.

Naples man was caught for using GPS jammer to steal car

On the morning of 5 October, during the territorial control service in Naples, agents of the Vomero Commissariat, on the instructions of the operations center, reported a truck that had just been stolen, arriving in Giustignano in San Domenico (via Giustiniano), when police arrived at the scene, they stopped the signalling vehicle and ordered him to stop, but the driver was about to flee, sparking a pursuit.

After a brief chase, police stopped him, and backed by the steering wheel of the Posillipo police station, they determined that he had stolen the vehicle via Falcone shortly before.

Further investigation found: He used hex bolts to force open the doors and blocked the signal by using a GPS signal jammer to steal the truck, according to his confession that the GPS blocker and 40 euros was found in the car. The man, a 61-year-old Neapolitan with a police history, was arrested for aggravated theft.