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Sensitive Anti-Eavesdropping Device Detector Handheld Anti-Spy Recording blocker

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  • PJ-011
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A wireless eavesdropping detector is a machine designed to detect and fix the location of hidden wireless eavesdropping devices. They send audio or video signals through electromagnetic waves to detect wireless eavesdropping devices and can pinpoint the location of eavesdropping devices.

This most advanced PJ-011 Anti-eavesdropping blocker device can detect audio or video signals in the range of 1MHz-6000MHz, and can accurately detect spy devices using 800MHz-2000MHz. Has good electromagnetic compatibility. Small and easy to carry, with sound and light alarm indicator, simple and convenient to use, so it is very popular with military police, security and privacy-conscious people.

The professional wireless signal detector has an SMA socket on the top for mounting the antenna, and a knob on the bottom for power and detection threshold modulation. The two oval holes in the upper right corner of the panel are for speakers. There are 10-level LED indicators in the middle of the left side, the first level indicates the power supply, and the other indicates the strength of the detection signal. The last one shows the strongest signal.


Detection frequency range: 1MHz-6000MHz
Main detection frequency range: 800MHz-2000MHz
Detection sensitivity: ≤0.05mw (within the main detection frequency range)
Working range: >70dB
Indicator: 10-level LED indicator / tone correction sound indicator
Battery: 9V pack battery
Device size: 120×62×22mm