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Handheld Drones detector Portable UAV Jammer Anti Drone devices

Powerful Portable Anti-UAV Automatic Detection Equipment

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This powerful drone automatic detector is specially designed for civilian drones. It has a stylish appearance and is designed with two antennas. It can detect most drones on the market that use Wifi 2.4G/5.8G dual-band. Type, the maximum detection distance can reach 1km (depending on the signal field strength in the area of ​​use).

It is worth mentioning that this anti-drone device can intelligently detect drones, turn it on with one key, and automatically detect, and the operation is very simple. When a drone is detected, the detector automatically emits a high-decibel alarm sound, and displays a dynamic graphic alarm on the display; it can also be connected to earphones for monitoring, which is suitable for use in security duty rooms to avoid alarm noise.

Key Feature:

Quick one-key boot, automatic detection, very simple operation, very sensitive detection, effective and fast response.
The host is super light and easy to carry.
Equipped with a special rubber sleeve, which can effectively protect the host
When the drone is detected, it will automatically send out a high-decibel alarm sound, and display a dynamic graphic alarm on the display screen; it can also be connected to headphones for monitoring, which is very convenient
Customized options, you can customize audio, graphics and text effects according to user needs.

Product function introduction:
Function: Automatic detection of drones, automatic alarm, unattended
Detection Method: Radio Spectrum Detection (Passive)
Detection frequency: 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual frequency
Detection distance: 1km @ 2.4GHz , [email protected] (standard omnidirectional antenna @ UAV relative height 100m @ open without interference)
Response time: 3s response alarm @ standby, 6s response to alarm ringtone @ close → start
Alarm mode: Sound (built-in speaker, factory default alarm audio), dynamic alarm icon and text flashing, indicator light flashing
Cover Color: Yellow, Black, Orange
Panel color: Black, warm white, blue (select the default panel color according to the rubber sleeve)
Display parameters: 3.5-inch LED high-definition color screen (480x320)
Display interface: Battery status, sensitivity gear, dynamic drone icon, city background, dynamic alarm icon, dynamic alarm text (default English)
On-off key: power on, power off, menu, menu confirmation
Mute key: when the alarm is high, turn on the sound, turn off the sound
Adjustment key: adjust detection sensitivity, menu selection

Product Specifications:
Working power: Built-in 3000mAh high-capacity lithium battery
Standby time: > 8 hours
Operating temperature: -0ºC - +50ºC
Host size: 160x77X37mm (including rubber sleeve)
Host net weight: 335g (including battery)
Standard net weight: 1.4kg
Standard configuration: Host x1, special silicone sleeve x1, antenna x2, power adapter x1, built-in lithium battery x1, unilateral ear-hook headphones x1, special lined black plastic box x1
Optional Spare: Silicone Cover, Optional Alarm Tone

1. Be sure to connect all antennas before turning on the power. Do not remove the antenna while the machine is working.
2. The antenna is used perpendicular to the ground, and the work efficiency is higher.
3. If the jammer cannot be charged or other abnormal conditions (the indicator light is not on), please contact us. No modification or repair is allowed, otherwise, subsequent after-sales maintenance will be affected.
4. Damage and disrepair caused by improper operation and disassembly will not be repaired.
5. Do not put the jammer into water or fire, and try to avoid using it in harsh conditions such as excessive humidity, overheating, high pressure, and strong magnetism.