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The World First 27 Bands Portable Jammer for Cell phones, Wifi, GPS, UHF, VHF, RF signals with LCD Display

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  • PJ-27

This 27-antenna portable Jammer for Cell phones, Wifi, GPS, UHF, VHF, RF signals with LCD Display is the portable jammer with the most frequency bands on the market, which means it is also the most versatile jammer that can block all 5G/4G/3G/GSM phones, wifi , GPS, UHF, VHF, Lojack, radio frequency signals and other communication signals.

The main feature of this multi-functional mobile phone jammer is that there are many and complete interference frequency bands, it is light and easy to carry, and it is convenient to carry and use when going out. This determines that its appearance and power are relatively small. In order not to cause large-scale interference, the interference radius of this jammer is designed to be 10-25 meters, which is completely sufficient for most usage scenarios.

In addition, this powerful portable phone jammer is also equipped with a 7.4V/12500mAh high-efficiency aluminum alloy cooler with 3 built-in fans, which can work continuously for more than 2 hours without worrying about overheating. This all-in-one professional jammer is a good choice when you need to block all types of signals.

Key Features:

1. The world's first portable 5G signal jammer with 27 antennas
2. Built-in 7.4V/12500mAh rechargeable battery, can work continuously for more than 2 hours after fully charged
3. Equipped with high-efficiency aluminum alloy radiator and 3 fans, you must not worry about overheating
4. According to the signal strength of a specific area, the maximum shielding radius can reach 25 meters.
5. Combined with the latest LCD display, monitor the power and temperature at any time
6. Can cover all mobile phones on the market, Wifi, GPS, UHF, VHF, Lojack, RC 315/433/868MHz frequency
7. Equipped with fashionable nylon protective cover
8. It can be carried with you and used in the car


1. LOJACK: 135–174 MHz
2. GPS L2-L5: 1170-1280 MHz
3. PCS: 1800-1990MHz
4. RC 433: 433 MHz
5. GPS-L1: 1570-1615 MHz
6. WiFi 2,4 G: 2400-2485 MHz
7. 3G: 2110–2170 MHz
8. GSM: 850-960 MHz
9. 4G4: 790–826 MHz
10. RC 868: 868 MHz
11. RC 315: 315 MHz
12. 3G: 2100–2170 MHz
13. UHF: 400-470MHz
14. CDMA: 738–790 MHz
15. 5G1: 3400–3600 MHz
16. LORA: 900–930 MHz
17: GPS L3–L4: 1370–1390 MHz
18: WiFi 5.2G: 5100-5680 MHz
19: 5G2: 3600–3800 MHz
20: WiFi 5,8 G: 5680-5900 MHz
21: 4G: 2620–2690 MHz
22: 4G1: 2500–2620 MHz
23: PCS: 1920–1990 MHz
24: 4G3:1450-1492MHz
25: 4G2: 2300–2400 MHz
26: DCS: 1700–1800 MHz
27: 5G: 617-685 MHz (USA)

Output power: 27W
Power supply: AC110-240V to DC12V
Total weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: 198 x 132 x 68mm (without antenna)
Antenna Length: 172 mm
Warranty period: one year from the date of delivery

Package Lists:
Portable 5G Signal Jammer x 1
AC charger x 1
Antenna x 27
Car Charger x1
Nylon Cover x 1


1. The jammer matches the frequency bands of different countries. Please confirm that the country of purchase is the same as the country of actual use. Otherwise it cannot be used. Please read jammer features before purchasing.
2. When low-power jammers (such as hand-held jammers) block high-power signal devices (such as high-power WIFI routers, Bluetooth audio devices, etc.), the effect will be poor, or even unable to interfere.
3. Do not use while charging.
4. Do not use handheld jammers as desktop jammers
5. Do not use the jammer until the antenna is connected.